Tuesday, July 6, 2010

oh you wonderful alameda flea market...

for 4th of july the mister and i wrangled up his sister and hubby to be and their little monkey and we all caravaned to the alameda flea market. boy was it a great treasure hunting day and weather was just perfect! within the first 5 minutes into the flea market i found this bad ass ice bucket sitting right next to the trash can soooo.......i snatched it! isn't she a beauty?

we have been wanting an ice bucket and what is better then a 60's floral free one! we had tons a fun just walking around and looking what the venders had to offer...so many beautiful things that needed homes...like this owl print but i wasn't about to drop $100 for it :( but it sure would look great with the rest of my owls...
                                                             loved these mary statues 
and good god these enormous jeans...yay those are real levi's... love my face in this one

                            the mister always on the look out for a good flannel button up...
                                             me hunting for some vintage threads


i always seem to lose the mister while at the flea market so many people and so many things to look at it is like playing where's waldo...

 so after all the digging and the searching i walked away with some pretty awesome stuff....very happy with my finds...a vintage velvet orange red dress....which i think may have been a drum majors uniform at some point but now it will be my outfit to go see Marina & the Diamonds on thursday...an amazing kelly green bathing suit which is too small for me so i have put it on my etsy shop any takers :p .....an awesome embroidered marriage ceremonial panel...a vintage yellow ocher glass ring and purple repurposed vintage fabric necklace....
 and a pair of amazing thick framed glasses which i can't wait to get my prescription in so i can wear then without going blind :D and this pretty sweet gilroy road run shirt...so 80's and who doesn't love the garlic capital :)

hope you all had a fabulous 4th of july...i know i did!



  1. Too bad about that owl print. Love the tee!! And, damn! I was thinking of getting glasses like that! I'll get these instead: http://www.refinery29.com/img/round-glasses-trend-1.jpg

  2. i like your choice but who says we couldn't be twinsies :D

  3. Ohh nice pics, I love them.
    So, I follow u, please follow me back!
    Hope you're fine

  4. That owl print is so, so cute! Shame it was so expensive... :(


  5. thanks Bekah! i can't wait to wear it tonight!

    rebecca- i know :( i was so scared to ask but just had to just in case it might have been in my price range


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