Sunday, August 29, 2010

spreading the love

i was so touched by melissa at oh, my darling post called spread the love. it is a wonderful idea and why not spread more love in world? with all the crazy things people do to each other it just makes sense! this also goes with my #4 simple goal to be more positive about my life so this will help continue that feeling onto others :) i have been in a situation before where i was sexually assaulted by someone for no reason, now it wasn't as bad as it sounds but i was still extremely horrified by what happened and it makes more sense to me rather then hate that person for the trauma they caused me why not share my love with others to counteract the bad deeds that others do. so here is a little list i will do this week and post and update as much as i can :)

1) call people i don't normally talk to very often.

2) make a point to smile at strangers. to me a smile can go a long way in my book :)

3) compliment people more! i love the feeling of being complimented. it gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside and why not return the favor. i always mean to but for some reason it is the shyness in my that stops me from doing so.

4) write a a thank you card to one of my co-workers. she is always giving me little surprises and i want to return the favor...she is a wonderful person and i want her to know that :)

5) i feel like am a crappy neighbor so i am going to invite my neighbors over for a little after dinner drink to get to know them :)

6) call my grandparents just to say hi and that i love them :)

7) do something special for my mister...shhhh he reads every post so i can't spill the beans :)

would love it if you participated about it too and help spread the love <3<3<3<3<3


  1. I'm completely inspired by and loving this post! All of your spread the love ideas are so fantastic, I don't even know where to start in commenting on them! In my next post that's set for Monday morning, you'll be getting a little shoutout!

  2. What a lovely idea from Oh My Darling, and great ideas of yours cb. I'm now working on lavender-filled love hearts for all the lovely ladies in my life; and more quality time to be spent with the parents x

  3. I love this! Great ideas! Thank you for sharing these...


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