Friday, August 13, 2010

time for a photo montage

here are some of my favorite pictures from trip to boston to visit my best friend! 
taking the amtrak early thursday morning
went to harvard (with a a heavy pronunciation in HAAvard)

shopping in woodstock, vermont
the mister loves turkeys and was delighted to find this illustration at a deli were we got some super yummy roasted chicken!
walking around woodstock...all the houses and gardens are soo incredibly beautiful! i want to move to woodstock vermont!..just trying to convince the mister ;D
on our way to a cheese and maple syrup farm in vermont and we have to cross a covered bridge...felt like i was in of my favorite movies!

scenry on our drive to the farm :)

driving to portsmouth, new hampshire ( pronounced portSMITH...why it isn't spelt that way is beyond me) oh and new hampshire's state motto is live free or die...we laughed about this the entire trip

 more shots driving to was a very entertaining ride :)
went to portsmouth brewery and had a beer sample...the black cat stout was my favorite..
walking around portsmouth
went to have a picnic in boston common park and watched shakespeare's in the park, othello

excited about our canoe trip

 canoeing in the charles river near newton, massachusetts

a tiny little island while canoeing.... the buffalo & native american are offering bottled water in that bin...and no we did not partake in that kind but sketchy offer...

the river was soo beautiful and canoeing is an awesome arm workout..let me tell you...
after canoeing got some clam chowder...yum!

flying home sweet home....

i had an awesome time in new england and plan on going out there again!!



  1. I'm so jealous, Ive always wanted to go there!

  2. Boston seems so awesome : ) Love all the pictures, are they film?

  3. Oh my, this post was such a treat! Your whole trip looks like it was a fantastic time. I'm especially caught up with the idea of a maple syrup and cheese farm -- that's like favorite food overload!

  4. @ peppermint: yes boston is pretty awesome! if you ever get a chance to go take it. most of my pictures are film using 35 mm and shot with my vintage minolta but some of are digital that my friend took, mostly the ones of me, her and her little sister:)

    @ melissa: i know the cheese and maple farm was so exciting...we got to sample all the maple syrup and cheese! my favorite was the sage and cheddar! super yum! did you know that all cheddar cheese is naturally white and that the yellow is dyed!! i never want yellow cheddar again!!!!!


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