Friday, October 1, 2010

guest post: why i love...blogging

hi there, this is melissa and i'm delighted to fill in for cb today while she is going on a great travel adventure with her husband. today i'm sharing with you why i love blogging- i hope you enjoy it, because this turned into a bit of a deep and personal piece. thanks cb for having me as her guest today!
for as long as i could do it, i have loved to write. when i was fice years old, i started my first journal. it was pink, with hearts on its cover and a tiny lock and key to protect it from snopping eyes. as i grew up, my journal entries started to focus on the inevitable- boys. there is definitely an entire journal dedicated to my seventh grade crush. in high school, i joined the yearbook staff and offered to write the captions for pictures. and i kept writing those journals, which became an outlet for my teenage angst.

 by college, i eagerly arrived at the school newspaper's office during orientation week and signed up to be a studen journalist. this is it, i thought as i left the building, giddy with excitment, this is where i belong. and i was right - i started out writing the articles that none of the senoir members wanted to do, and by the end of freshman year, i was elected to become a section editor. i was ecsatic about this because i wasn't usually the sort of person who had the guts to run against the competitors for a positition like that, but my passion for writing outweighted my timidity.

i continued working as an editor throughout college, and i loved everthing about i - covering cool events and coming up with meaningful features, staying at the newspaper office until 2 a.m. before publication, and having a great circle of newspaper friends who were evern bigger journalism nerds then i was. some of my fondest memories from college occured in that tiny newspaper office.

and then i graduated. i missed a lot of things about college, but most of all, i missed the newspaper. i just didn't realize it yet. without regular outlet for my writing, i felt lost. after spending about a year and a half trying to find myself, i turned back to journaling to try and sort things out, and it hit me - i had already found myself, many years ago. i was (and and) a writer. i love vocabulary, turns of phrases, and punctuation, and my best thinking occurs when i put it on a piece of paper. it's just who i am.

around the same, time i stumbled up a cup of jo. something about reading her work really resonated with me - at first, i felt invasive reading about a stranger's life, but then i realized that's sort of what blogs are all about - self expression to be shared with, well, whoever is willing to read it (in joanna's case, that's a hefty amount of people)

this led me to find more blogs to read. inside of relaxing from a long day by watching tv, i read blogs. i was happy simply being a consumer of blogs and keeping my own private journal, until a few months into dating my boyfriend. he and a friend were starting a blog about beer, and he would eagerly show me new post and updated layouts. then it hit me -  if he can do this, i certainly can too.

so on july 1, 2009, i started oh, my darling (nostafia hits when i click back to the first post) somewhere between 0 and 5 people read it per day, but that was okay with me. i had jumped right back into my passion, in a new and exciting way. i was writing again, about whatever the heck struck my fancy that day. my posting ebbed and flowed throughtout the year, bu i always knew it was there, if the desire to write struck. and then, i really started to focus on it this may. writing so regularly rejuvenated me, and the blog became an integral part of my summer. little by little, i watched as my readership grew, and now i am astontished and humbled by how many great ladies out there are stopping to check out the posts.

whew! all this is to say why i love blogging, right? at its core, i love blogging because it allows me to write. and i can share that writing with other people out thee who care about the same things i do, and who belong to the same little blogging community that i do. on the flip side, i love to soak in the writing of others, too, and to support their creative endeavors, because i think that it is so important to write, if that's what keeps you happy, like it does for me. we're all basically keeping the grown-up versions of little pink journals, just with the lock wide open this time around.

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  1. You nicely summed up why blogging is such a wonderful thing to do :)

  2. Melissa, I loved this post! Especially the closing sentence, very apt. =]
    thanks for this lovely insight into your life and why you love blogging. Also, for showing me those adorable graduation cupcakes!

  3. awesome post Mellisa! You nicely summed up all the great things about blogging. Cheers!

  4. thanks Melissa for sharing a lovely post. x

  5. Thanks, ladies, I appreciate your kind words!!! I had so much fun writing this post, thanks for having me as a guest, cb!

  6. Well said - I love blogging for a lot of the same reasons and it's become such a wonderful community too.

  7. so much truth in this post - i've always been a journal-er, as well, and blogging helps me record life in such a better medium. besides, the community is the best :)

  8. Such an incredibly wonderful post. I so loved reading about your journey toward blogging, and your passion for it shows through your posts!

  9. Melissa I think pretty much every blogger is reading this and thinking HELL YES. Could not have said it better myself.

    I actually found that through blogging I rediscovered my love for writing fiction as well. I found out about NaNoWriMo and now I blog AND write fiction and keep that dream alive of one day being published.

    Not to mention how wonderful other bloggers are. Seriously this is one of the best communities I have ever encountered.

    Wonderful post lady.

  10. what a great post Melissa! :) i totally resonate with the "missing the college newsroom" thing. i just graduated with a degree in journalism last spring, and already i'm missing those late nights in the newsroom and grammar jokes! thanks for sharing how you stumbled into blogging. it gives me reassurance that i'm on the right track...

  11. what a great post melissa!! your blog has grown a lot from just a handful of readers!! :D

  12. Melissa, this was a great post to read, I had no idea about your fun history in fun to learn more about you :)

  13. Awww, sweet post! It's always nice to hear what motivated people or kept them going. Blogging is such a wonderful world. No matter how big or small the followers or readership there are so many sweet connections to be made!

  14. I'm imagining a very Rory Gilmore stint in college for your backstory :) Blogging is a great way to be continuously inspired.

  15. Really cute post! I especially like that you emphasized on reading other people's blogs for inspiration and it's nice to know there are others out there blogging for the same reasons :) xxx


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