Thursday, December 23, 2010

last minute diy!

hey everyone! as a last minute christmas wrapper, i always scramble to wrap my presents. so every year we either use brown bags or newspaper and then doodle over the paper to make it look more intentional. this year i had neither brown bag or newspaper so went to the store and bought some...i always like handmade things so i wanted to make my mark...this is what you need...

paint- any kind will do except oil (i'm using speedball block printing ink)
a potato or yam or sweet potato
brown bag or newspaper

first off decide what you want your design to be...remember the simpler the better, nothing too complicated as it might not show when you stamp it...i chose a heart. draw your design with a sharpie

next cut the surrounding meat of the potato, be sure to carve enough of the potato away so that your design is the only raised part of the try out the stamp to make sure it works...i used a paper plate to put my paint this point you might need to cut away more of the potato if the design doesn't come out clear...

rosie was sooo helpful :)

when all is good roll out your paper...mine was starting to curl so i had to put some objects down to give myself a flat surface...

rosie found what i was doing extremely interesting...silly little kitty!

then start stamping away!

you can't help the large glops of paint that form when you print so be sure to wait for the paint to completely dry before you start using it

and here is the final product! so cute! can't wait for my little niece to open her presents! we found some non toxic paint for her to play with but what makes it even better is that the name of the product is called clementine art <3

happy wrapping!


  1. Cute stamping :D I love how last-second DIY forces you to be innovative!

  2. this is very cute. Your cleverness never ceases to amaze me

  3. Love it!!! :) Your pressies look super cute!
    xo Mervi

  4. aw, these are super cute! Probably my fav pressies out here in blogland. Love that little tree too! I've a big day ahead, buying and wrapping all our gifts. Might steal your idea!

  5. fabulous, will definitely try that next time! Rosie looks so big now - I'm surprised not to see little red paw prints on your paper :)

    And LOVE your (bottle) Christmas tree. Hope you both have a wonderful Christmas xoxox

  6. Cute presents! I'm also busy doing last minute Christmas things- unfortunately it not only includes wrapping but actually finishing the gifts themselves, haha. I hope your family has a wonderful Christmas tomorrow!

  7. Ooo I really like this idea!! Very cute and fun :) Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!!

  8. Ok, you have the best tutorials! This is so cool!

  9. I really like your little xmas tree in the background! Did you make it, or buy it? Is it made out of glass, or plastic bottles? :)


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