Monday, February 21, 2011

why i ride

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happy presidents day! i have the day off today...a BIG YIPPEE!!!!!!! so i am at home working away in my jamies :D ***bliss***  i wanted to share this post with you that i did for tina over at city girl rides. some of you may remember it from oh my darling blog...i thought this post was perfect for a series tina is doing called "why we ride"..i thought it would be a great way for some of you to get to know me better and why i love to ride! this post is making me sad cause the weather has been soo horrible this past week..riding in STRONG winds and rain is a bit scary and really hard! oh i wish for sunnier days!

here goes!

i am so happy to be a part of "why we ride"! i think this is a great idea to get more people inspired to ride their bikes not just for leisure but as a way of life. i first started riding bikes full time when we moved to the nob hill area of san francisco which was about 2005 but here is a background story how i started riding!

i always rode a bike. i remember my first bike.  it was actually my brother's, but I stole it from him. it was a prize he had won for a clo's milk ad he submitted.  i had also entered the contest, but my prize wasn't nearly as cool. i am not even sure about the make of the bike, but it was white with white tires and was SUPER AWESOME! i remember falling off it for the first time and then getting back on it without a problem, but years later i had a horrible experience that would stunt the growth of my bike riding for years!  

Hard to get a good picture but it's the dark discoloration above my ankle bone 

i was riding on the back of my friend's banana seat and was having so much fun. we went down a steep neighbor's driveway and, throwing all caution to the wind, i forgot where to put my feet and they ended up getting caught in the rear wheels spoke. if you think that sounds awkward, you bet it was! crying and screaming in the middle of the street, i was rushed to the hospital with a sprained ankle and a really awesome scar which i will adorn for the rest of my days. 

many years later i met the mister, we moved to sf, and he gave me what felt like my very first bike lesson on my beloved maryjane. i was so so scared to get on a bike again...i didn't want to experience any of the pain that i had experienced in the past but we went to the marina where it was flat and perfect to test drive her. i was completely terrified, holding on to my grips as if they some how they would save me. there were, to say the least, a couple of hiccups that day, along with a mere mishap with almost hitting a car and riding away with bruises and scraps. i had conquered by fears and i was oh so proud of myself for getting back on my bike and sad that so many years had passed. as i became more comfortable, and expressed to the mister my likes and dislikes, we made maryjane the perfect bike for me!  

over the years I've grown to become somewhat of a bike nerd, but nowhere near as much as the mister.  however, his love of bikes has definitely rubbed off on me. and how i thank him for that! i have rode my bike ever since and rarely do we use our car, as our bikes are our main way of transportation.  

bike riding has become a  huge part of my life. at first it was a huge hurdle to cross. then it became something the mister liked to do,  so i rode because it was something to do together. then it became a healthy decision to ride a bike, and then finally it became something more.... i love the freedom it gives me. the solitary time it gives me to just think. to know that i don't need to rely on gas to get me somewhere -- just my steady pedaling and beating heart. 

the wind in my hair and the world at my finger tips. bike adventures have become a necessary way of life for me and the mister. to be able to explore the area surrounding us on a bike has become not only an everyday thing, but something we will do for the rest of lives. it means so much to me to get on my bike. when the rainy winters come, i yearn for chilled spring rides, blazing hot summer adventures, and fall's colorful scenery. my bike has become who i am today, and i am so happy that i reconnected with my lifelong friend.

my journey now takes me to help inspire others who, like me, must overcome a hurdle to become who they truly are. through my blog, the citybirds nest i offer bike riding tips, display bike riding adventures with my mister and bike riding outfits in hopes to encourage and inspire others that not only is bike riding a healthy way of living but also a practical way of living too.  as the famous freddy mercury from queen once said, "get on your bikes and ride"!!!!!

hope you all enjoy this wonderful monday! i know i am! well partly because i don't have to work!



  1. i want to ride my bike :( but there is like a foot of snow outside at least :(

  2. SO rad! I think I'd need a little sidecar for my kids :) They do really well on the slight uphills but have beach cruisers, so that one mile up the hill to the grocery store is somewhat laborious for my 4 year old :D I think it's fantastic that you and your guy have found something to share, and something that promotes health, happiness, (greenery- dislike the "green" word, but it's true), and the great outdoors! We have been walking to destinations about a mile from our house like the library, post office, and a few others. Awesome that you're inspiring others to get out and move! :D Happy Monday- and Happy day off!!!!!

  3. i remember reading this on Melissa's blog but its still a good story. I cant believe that injury you sustained, it sounds just awful but at least you got right back on the horse...i mean bike.

    Oh and I glad you find my comments humorous..sometimes I worry that they are only funny to me so its nice to know that they give you a chuckle too :)

  4. glad to hear you're comfy at home making some more awesome crafts!
    Love your paintings and stuff. Keep up with the bike crafts too. Love them.
    Happy Day Off Monday!

  5. I love this!! It's so cute & honest. And I love that I know you a little better now ;)

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Loved it on ohmydarling, love it again. Hope the weather improves soon for you! I can't wait for sunnier days xox

  7. @ nicky: wow that sounds so awesome! our town is soooo spread out that walking to some things is really far :( that is why we bike so much! there is a accessories that you can get that attaches to the stem of your seat..kinda makes your bike look like a tandem..that way you can go up hill with your little cutie in tow..if you google tandem bicycle attachment it should come up!

    @amy: thanks sweetie :D

    @bee: they make snow tires ;D
    @watkins: oh i know, i can't wait for sunny days too!!! **le sigh**

    @illustratorchick: thanks! working on some new bike embroidery!

  8. what a cute retrospective. I'm definitely not nearly as hardcore a biker as you are, but they are really beautiful and freeing. all those sf hills might be too much for my cruiser though

  9. Good for you girl, biking is awesome. Gives a girl a great pair of legs.


  10. I totally have a love affair with my bike, too. It's too cold and icy and snowy to ride it. I've been trying to wait patiently for spring!

  11. I've been trying to wait patiently for spring!
    beach cruiser bike


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