Friday, March 11, 2011

the mission

hi everyone and happy friday! last friday the mister and i went to the mission district to hit up some potential stores to carry citybirds! i thought it would be a great idea to tell you what i do to get my foot in the door or at least start a conversation with the store owner or employee about selling my treasures! so here it goes!

1. always look the part...dress in something you feel comfortable in but also shows off who you are!

2. bring a pad and pencil...once you get someone talking you want to be able to remember some of what they said especially when they give you names of store want to be sure to address an email or any marketing to their name!

3. always have a smile on your face and introduce yourself with a hand shake! this goes a l.o.n.g way and people will remember how friendly you were.. in any business friendliness stands out!

4. have a business card ready!

5. always, always thank them for their time, so important!

6. never go in with your crafts unless you have made an appointment with someone. people may not always have time to stop what they are doing especially when there is only one person working the floor (cough cough or are to busy reading harry potter to give you the time of day)

7. some people may be rude. brush it off and plus you wouldn't want to do business with someone who isn't i said...friendliness goes a long way and in both directions too!

8. if you do make an appointment with someone never leave one of your crafts with them, cause most likely you will never get it back.

9. once you have gotten what you need go home and recall on the days visits and see who stood out to you and either send them an email with great pictures of your items and a to the point blurb about you and your crafts or send out a marketing package! remember be creative there too! sending something unique that will catch their eye is best, so think outside the box! and have fun!

well there you have it a little list of things that i do when hunting for that perfect spot to house citybirds! oh and i wanted to share with you some of the murals that cover the mission district and make it such an awesome place to visit!

hope you all have fun plans for the weekend! i am still s.l.o.w.l.y getting better so we are gonna lay low this weekend. it is eating me up inside to not get one my bike but.... health comes first! i especially want to get better because.....I AM GOING TO DISNEYLAND & THE DISNEY CRUISE THE FOLLOWING WEEK! next week's will be light as i get ready for a week off to the happiest place on earth! while i am gone i have some great guest posts for all you lovelies!



  1. LOVE the artwork (esp the elephants), great outfit and thank you so much for the fab advice - fingers crossed you're all better for your hol! Hope it's a good weekend of recooperation, hugs xox

  2. LOVE your blog, and great advice.

    xox Lexi
    Glitter & Pearls

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  4. i deleted myself! oops.

    anywho, super cute as always - have fun next week! :D

  5. Really random: But I LOOOOOOVE your yellow tights!!

  6. Great post! And awesome photos, I love your outfit and the street art, so cool!

    xo Lisa

  7. i love these tips! they are so straight forward and honest. i hope someday i get to put them to good use. ^_^

  8. Such a great post - love the tips, the yellow tights, the wall murals! Wooot!
    I hope you get well soon so you can hop on your bike again! :) I know how you feel - been poorly all week with a yucky flu. They suck. Big time!
    Hang in there bubba!
    xxx mervi

  9. Thanks for sharing great ideas/tips! I've been wanting to sell my things but didn't know how to go about it. This helped a lot!



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