Monday, April 4, 2011

tales of a night time bike ride

well ladies & gents...i finally got to go on a bike ride and the sf bike party at that! thanks for all your health wishes, the mister feels much better and was healthy enough to ride! it had been a whole month since my last real bike ride and i can't tell you how wonderful it was to get ride!

in february we went to our first sf bike party ride and it was amazing! we had such a great time we vowed we would go every time! sadly i had to miss the march ride as i had bronchitis and i had the best outfit picked out for the ride **cry** this month the theme was robots and as i am NOT a fan of robots i felt uninspired to dress as the one object i hate most. no sir i don't like them... why do i hate robots you ask? well, first, their plot to take over the world some day that is why! and the fact that they are too smart for their own good. you saw it in wall-e, robocop 2, moon & space odyssey 2001. it is just time till it happens to out now...

 well since i was boycotting the robot theme i decided to dress in a french inspired outfit!

 anyways....the mister and i met up at cheiftan again for some yummy beers and some good old irish pub food. we will be making it a tradition...we are creatures of habit so it works for us :D please i can't think of anything yummier after a hard week of work! once it came time we set off to the civic center to meet the other riders. one guy was painted all silver...not sure how he didn't freeze as it was pretty cold out....oh and the easter bunny came too! bearing easter treats and...whiskey? a jumpy was blazing for a bit before we rolled and then it was off!!!

can you see the man painted silver next to the mister?
the mister looking so amazing in the hat i made him
the sf civic center looking beautiful at night

please excuse the face..there was no light at the park so the flash was extra bright!
dancing on some rocks while my cousins played king of the rock

the ride went around golden park, were we first stopped at duboce park and then later stopped at a play ground inside golden park where we played around in the dark and danced.

picture of a bubble machine on a bike

the ride was great but to top it off we rode through my favorite park...the panhandle!! this little strip goes through a portion of the park where it is only accessible by bike or walking... it is so much fun to fly through it and with my cape i felt like i was flying****swoon*** next time i wear my cape at such high speeds i will make sure i have a proper cape pin...i just used a safety pin and it kept on coming off. i have plans on making one i just haven't had time to go to the store and get the supplies i day soon when i don't have a huge to do list!

this friday is the east bay bike ride and the theme is the big know we will be dressing up for that one! if any of you live out in the bay area come out! you are sure to have a great time!

hope you all had a great weekend! any riding?


  1. Seeing your posts about bike rides make me want to get a bike so bad! I've only been bike riding once in my life (sad I know right?) My husband taught me when we were first dating and I just never got the chance to again. I hope that changes!!

    You look adorable in your french themed outfit! I'm not a fan of robots either... it's kinda scary to think about! o.O;;

    Glad you had a great ride!!! Have an amazing week!

  2. that's it. i'm moving. AND buying a cape. <3

    can't wait to see pics from the lebowski ride! as the new dude, i approve.

  3. Note to self, i need a bubble machine for my bike. That is too awesome. No need to explain your hatred towards bots...they are evil.

  4. I want a bike bubble machine! sounds like a lot of fun, you are too funny with your robot hatred :)

  5. that looks so fun! i love your cape :) so cute.

    aww come on, give robots a chance. they can be cool, haha.

  6. That looks like a fun night. I'm with ya on the robot theme. That might make bike riding really hard. Haha


  7. This is so cool! That guy that painted himself silver is way committed to the cause. I have been thinking of buying myself a cape for autumn. Yours is so great - love your outfit.

  8. i've always wanted to do a big bike night like that... i need a sweet bike!

    new follower, i'm loving your blog!
    twitter @reneekristine

  9. This is AWESOME! Bike riding AND dressing up, two of my favourite things, not to mention beers afterwards! Fun, Fun!!!

  10. Looks like so much fun!! The easter bunny on the bike cracks me up!
    The Big Lebowski is one of my all-time favorites-cant wait to see some pics from that ride :)

  11. You look lovely as usual! The first pic is really good. The big lebowski sounds like a really fun theme too, looking forward to see what you go as! :)

    xo L

  12. This just looks like so much fun!!! Love your cape.

  13. How fun! I've been wanting to get a bike. I had some money saved up for one, but got a tattoo instead. We all have tough decisions right?
    Love your cape!

  14. Okay, insanely jealous of the night time bike ride. I'm sure that somewhere in Colorado those are going on, but nowhere near my area to say the least. Glad to see that it was a good time!

  15. oh yes, i much prefer your adorable outfit.
    hahaha, i pretty much agree about robots taking over the world. you never really are the same after viewing all the terminators!

  16. Leave it to San Francisco to throw a nightime bike party (with costumes!) Ahhh, my favorite city.

    My grandparents just gave my husband and I their old bikes. I can't wait to get them out on the road!

  17. so pleased you made it - sounds like so much fun! What a beautiful civic centre too; love the cape, and so concurr with you on robots!!! xox

  18. Lovely photos! I really like your cape/poncho too. And traditions are marvelous. We need more of those!

  19. Fabulosa cape!!
    ...and it looks so cute on you!


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