Friday, June 10, 2011

citybird chirps: little bits of vintage


hi cuties! happy friday! as i mentioned in my last post regarding my new feature, citybird chirps, the lovely and talented, nikki is here from little bits of nikknak to talk about vintage and her new shop, which has some dynamite items! if you are interested in being a part of citybird chirps , email me! enjoy and thanks nikki for being the very first for my new feature!

Hello all! I'm Nikki from Little Bits of NikkNak! I'm a high school photography teacher, blogger, and I just opened my own vintage shop online! (Apparently I have something against free time) You can check out my shop here!

A lot of people ask...
How can I make vintage apart of my wardrobe without it looking like a costume?

  • Make simple changes to vintage pieces! Many of the items in my shop have been altered to be more modern, whether its taking up hemlines, shortening sleeves, removing shoulder pads, or opening up a neckline. A lot of vintage dresses have matching belts, and that is always the first thing I take off!
  • Working 1 or 2 pieces of vintage into a modern outfit is a great way to keep an outfit current and still unique! Starting simple with a vintage bag or shoes is a great way to transform your style :)
  • Look for great fabrics to reuse- I have found really ugly clothes, or clothes with stains, that I have completely changed. For instance:
This was a skirt that that had spots on it. I fell in love with the giraffe print and the colors, so I cut out the good fabric and made a simple droopy tank top out of it! My favorite part about making clothes is that it is completely original. No one else will have this piece but you!
I will have handmade clothes in my shop soon, but a few favorite vintage pieces there now are:

These Marcolin Marchon sunglasses, dead stock from the 80s! I scored a few pairs my optometrist found hidden in a drawer. Only I would find a way  to shop at a Dr.s office...

This summery vintage dress, lined in delicate lace. One of my favorite finds and most repair work I have ever done, but it's beautiful

And these red heels, never worn! Fantastic find :)

Thanks for reading everyone, and a special thanks to CB for letting me have be a guest on her blog!!

If you "like" little bit vintage on facebook, you will see new items before they are even listed!



  1. That top looks fab! I love the giraffe print! And congrats on the new feature, it sounds great!

    Lisa xx

  2. Oh wow, I love the print on the top!
    The skirt looks so much better as a top, super stuff lady!

  3. That giraffe print is totally awesome, love it and love Nikki!

  4. THAT DRESS. THOSE GLASSES. my heart can't take it! <3

  5. Love the print of the fabric, what a great idea to turn it into a tank! You are so cute. love it.

  6. That shirt you made is so cute!!


  7. what fabulous restored clothing, esp love the top. great first chirp :) xox


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