Friday, June 24, 2011

citybirds chirps: amber blue bird

hello ya'll and happy friday! today i am bringing you another hilarious lady with wicked aswesome style, amber from amber blue bird! she is another favorite of mine and i oh so enjoy her wicked sense of humor, her dainty style and music choices...i will choose to ignore that she LOVES the yankees but no one is perfect! hehe...but pretty much she is a girl after my own heart, love ya amber!!

lets do this!

so here break the ice lets start with some serious questions...

Q#1 if you were to have the ultimate cleaning dance party what would be some of the songs or artists you would include in the mix?

Considering I just had the ultimate cleaning dance party last week this question is a breeze.

Little Richard "Tutti Frutti"
Best Coast "Crazy For You"
The Tings-Tings "That's Not My Name"
Holly Golightly "You Ain't No Big Thing"

I could keep going but you get the picture, I have awesome taste in music.
Q#2 what is your favorite chore to do while dancing to these beats? and where did you learn such skills?

I thoroughly enjoy sweeping up my floors with my bright green broom (also know as Herman).  He makes an excellent dance partner as he never tries to take the spot light off me.  I acquired this tidying up skill while serving time at the Alderson federal prison camp.....Martha Stewart was my bunk mate.  

Q#3 i love your weak in the knees friday posts as you always introduce me to such awesome new music...what era of music or genre is your favorite and if you were stranded on an island and had only one album to listen to what album would it be and why?

May I start this response off by saying you are too kind.  My favorite genre of music has to be doo wop. I just love music that makes me wanna swing my hips and snap my fingers.  That being said if I was stranded on an island and only allowed one album (that is cruel by the way) that album would be Elephant by The White Stripes.  Why you ask?  Well have you heard the yeah I rest my case.

Q#4  why do you like the yankees? hmm why?

The gloves are about to come off!  I dont "like" the Yankees I "love" the Yankees.  You need a reason, okay here it is, Derek Flippin Jeter, the ace, the boss, the ying to my yang.  You need another reason, okay how about 27 World Series titles. It just doesn't get better than the Yankees.

Q#5 what made you start a blog and why?

Intense boredom prompting my venture into blogging.  I had just moved to a new town and didn't know anyone besides my husband and his family.  This made me a lonely loony so I decided to take my love for clothes and start up a blog of my very own to kill some time and possibly make some friends. Mission accomplished. 

Q#6 i just love your style and if you could think of one outfit that you could duplicate and wear everyday what would this magical outfit be? have i already seen it on your blog?

Picture this, a frilly floral dress with full skirt paired with a petticoat, pearls, and nude pumps. Basically I would like to dress like Betty Draper everyday of my life.  

Q#7 do you have any tips for us striving fashionistas about how to incorporate new trends but still be true to yourself...for example...the idea of harem pants intrigue me but yet i would never own a pair...go!

First off, the reason you haven't purchased harem pants is because they make you look like you have just pooped your diaper.  No one can pull this look off.  The only tip I have is don't concern yourself with trends.  Wear things that make you feel good and I guess if looking like you have just gone number two in your pants makes you feel good then that's cool, just don't walk to close to me.

Q#8 tell us a bit why you live in CT? what got you there and why haven't you moved to sf yet? hehehe you don't have to answer the last one, i just like to tease you! hehe but really why haven't you moved yet, sf is so awesome!

I live in Connecticut because I love snowstorms and crappy weather.  Sike.  My husband and I moved here from New York looking to purchase our first home, something we could have never done in NY as we are not zillionaires.  We haven't packed up and headed west to SF because we need to find sugar daddies to cover our expenses. Sugar daddy applications are now being accepted. 

Q#9 i just LOVE the way you write, your poems, the short blurbs you write on your posts each have a wicked sense of humor which i just gravitate towards...where do you think you got this sense of humor....did you get it from your mama? 

You speak the truth, I am a kick ass writer. :)  I am not sure where I got my sense of humor.  I think I just watched too much television as a kid and tried to emulate my favorite characters, Darlene from Rosanne being my fave.
Q#10 okay last serious question....if you could live in a book which book would it be and why?

Holy lord in heaven this is a hard question.  You are really grilling me here.  I think I would want to live inside the book Pippi Longstocking.  Yes I would want to live in Villa Villekulla sharing my space with Mr. Nilsson, my pet monkey and my horse Alfonzo.  How can we make this happen?

well that's it folks and thanks for reading our silly banter! now hop on over to ambers blog! isnt she such a cutey!!



  1. I love that I am gonna be the first one to comment on my own interview, I have no shame. This interview was brilliant, I amazed myself with my own cleverness.

  2. SUPER CUTE and casual interview! I just have to check out Amber's blog now ;)

    Happy weekend to you. I'll be working and thrifting tons in the next coupe of days...


  4. i'm already involved in an intense love affair with amber! she makes CLEANING sound fun - who else can do that??? <3

  5. Such a sweet interview. I'm having a cleaning playlist day myself =) x

  6. These are indeed very clever answers. Amber is the complete package: beauty (with a flair for fashion and a photographer husband who really knows his stuff), brains (a depth of knowledge far beyond her years) and a sense of humor that's second to none. I have come to trust Amber's taste in music and I am delighted to know that she embraces mine. Amber Blue Bird is one of my very favorite blogs because it offers so much variety. It's a blog that men can appreciate as much as women, the old as well as the young. Amber makes me smile. I am proud to be a regular customer, a friend and, quite possibly, her biggest fan.

  7. hee hee, fab chirp, amusing and inspiring :) xox

  8. Aww, I love Amber and her blog! Hope all is well... I haven't been on here (or online!) for days and days! :)

  9. That Ting Tings song would be perfect for cleaning-especially dancing around with a broom ;)

  10. aww, what an adorable gal... thanks for the feature!

    and also, I really appreciate the kind words you leave about my art, they really keep me going and inspire me, thank you :) <3

  11. Thanks for introducing us to Amber, she's so witty, I'm off to check out her site. Hope you enjoyed your weekend.


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