Thursday, June 30, 2011


i am not sure where to start here... this picture makes me giggle every time i look at. it is so great that it is now our desk top picture on our lap top.... it is sheer perfection in every way...

click on the picture so that you can take it alllllll in....

this is a picture that was snapped over this past weekend and yes this is a mural in our crazy little town and yes, that is the mister.... would i grab this picture in a fire?... you bet i would!

so the surprise is a contest and the winner will receive a cute little package from citybirds! RULES: the first person to list all the strange things in this picture wins! a little helpful hint....the mister in his goofy pose does not count... although yes, it is quite special; he is so darn cute and he was nice enough to okay this picture that we don't need to poke fun at him... although i already did but that's my job as his wifey ;D

you can be as creative as you want! i will pick a winner on monday so leave a way for me to contact you! have fun!!!

don't forget tomorrow is another citybirds chirp and the last day of my clothing sale! email me if you want to be a part of citybirds chirp!



  1. Oh where to start!
    There's a hatchet (?) coming out of the tree, a lady walking her turtle, a train coming through the wall, a big eyeball in the window, a pencil that just wrote out antiques, a bear (?) in a window!, with a can telephone (I can't remember what we used to call them!). Then there's a Mona Lisa-esque painting with a hat on, and does the wall say sexy next to that? Finally I am very confused by the salt shaker.

    That is definitely a random painting!

  2. eye with brick behind it in the window.
    the pencil writing on the store front.
    the horse talking on the can phone.
    the large salt shaker shaking onto the popcorn stand.
    the chef walking into the theatre.
    hard ware sign in front of the barber shop.
    antique sign in front of barber shop.
    antiques door has no handle.
    turtle being walked on a leash.
    train coming out of the wall.
    police -esque mona lisa painting.
    the pick/hatchet in the tree.
    the lady painting with such a large brush on her store front.
    the large popcorn kernels falling out of the machine.
    the director painting/poster looks odd with the marker as if its coming out of the poster.
    the barber looks like a doctor.

    wow! amazing art work!

  3. There is ...
    ... a giant salt shaker for the popcorn...
    ... an eyeball in the window...
    ... with a brick wall undereye area...
    ... a hatchet in the tree...
    ... a giant brush being used by a woman...
    ... a door handle on the top rim of the door...
    ... a giant pencil writing "antiques"...
    ... a bear in the window...
    ... a woman walking a turtle...
    ... a train coming out of the wall...
    ... a can telephone...
    ... a street lamp that looks like a light bulb which is in the middle of the sidewalk...
    ... a Mona Lisa painting with a hat...
    ... a sign with "Hayward hardware" but no hardware store...
    ... a letter (?) in the tree...
    ... a barber who looks like Stanforf Blatch in SATC...
    ... popcorn spilling over from the popcorn cart...

    that's all I can come up with. :)

  4. Whew that is an interesting mural almost as interesting at the one in my old middle school that had what was going on in the times (which included Star Wars.) Okay here it goes:

    -Eye in the window above "Antiques" sign
    -Giant pencil above "Antiques" sign
    -Train coming out of wall
    -Giant pick axe cracking open the same wall
    -Can string phone near giant pencil
    -Dog/bear creature using sed can string phone
    -Person casually walking their pet turtle on a leash
    -Mona Lisa wearing a hat
    -Artist/Painter with giant paint brush
    -Weird words on the Artist Studio door
    -Giant salt shaker pouring over Popcorn on top the Popcorn cart.
    -Popcorn falling out of the bag of Popcorn on top the Popcorn cart.
    - Man in photo at theater with marker coming out of the picture
    -Barber in an Antiques shop
    -Barber post inside the shop with the Barber (instead of being on the street)
    - Women in an oversize/out of place patio chair
    -Giant white door to no where
    -Hayward heart hardware sign
    - Odd 'light bulb' looking street lights
    - Little chef near theater pulling a wagon I guess?

  5. i will try my hand at this but I am kinda blind so this may not be my best work.

    There is clearly a large eyeball peaking out of a window which means Alice has been drinking the "giganticize" me potion again.

    A pencil is writing the word Antiques. That writing is too neat, pencils dont even have thumbs. I have thumbs and I cant write that neat.

    A bear is talking into a soup can. Nothing strange there.

    A creepy door is adjar and I assume once walked through would take you to middle earth.

    Lets talk about this hipster walking her toad. I can only imagine that she has lassoed this animal in so she can lay a smooch on him and hopefully he will turn into her emo prince.

    There is a train breaking through the wall heading straight for her! Fingers crossed it runs her over.

    A burly woman is painting with a paintbrush that has been struck with elephantiasis

    There is a loon waiting to slice your throat, i mean cut your hair.

    The popcorn machine is busy popping away while being salted by a large salt shaker that is also levitating which means that my theory regarding appliances and/or containers taking over the world has come true.

    Lastly the two freaks hanging on their balcony acting like nothing unusual is happening. Clearly they are witches.

  6. Everybody is saying a turtle but I swear that person is walking a frog!

  7. I see everyone else is calling my toad a turtle, geez guys put on your glasses.

  8. i'm too in shock from the NON awkward husband pose to even formulate coherent thoughts. i need a moment! <3

  9. haha fun contest!

    Here are some things I noticed:
    -the eye in the window
    -the bear on the cup phone
    -the train coming out of the wall
    -the person with the huge paintbrush
    -the mona lisa with the cop hat
    -the big salt shaker pouring salt on the popcorn
    -the huge pencil writing on the wall

    Ok I guess that's it :) Everything else looks totally normal!

  10. Ha ha ha what a fun competition! I love that photo, it's brilliant! It's like you almost think your hubbie is a part of the painting at first sight! :D

    That mural is bonkers! The creepiest thing about it is definitely the huge eye, and the white door or whatever it is to the left is also really weird, the perspective is all wrong! Plus the Mona Lisa, the lady walking a turtle and everything else people have already pointed out :)

    xo Lisa

  11. The girl taking her algae for a walk is making eyes at your husband. There's a pick axe falling out of the tree behind her and a rubber train about to run her down. Instant Karma?

    the ghost of colonel sanders is BBQing on a barbers chair in an antique shop. There's no handle on the door to his shop so he must be stuck in there! WHY IS NO ONE HELPING HIM? He's clearly lost his mind!

    the mona lisa is wearing a cop outfit

    Each popcorn kernal is the size of a foot but they only turn that big after falling out of the popcorn machine. Giant salt shaker has the power of levitation.

    The dog/bear in the window is playing telephone with a mysterious secret lover, while simultaneously using telekinesis to control the vandalism being preformed by the giant pencil.

    Never mind the giant eyeball, they installed a window directly over a solid brick wall? WHAT GOOD IS THAT GOING TO DO?! I bet that eyeball is pissed!

    creepy barn door is too small for it's creepy door hole.

    back of painters overalls seems to read "strippers" yet she is still fully clothed. Maybe she's just a big fan of sex workers?

    They have a river answering the door at the art studio.

    tiny chef is tiny

    theater sign pointing to hell

    young Benicio Del Toro is wearing a Canadian tuxedo on a balcony that appears to be supported by street lamps, and the lady he's with is sitting a chair made of bologna.

  12. Who ever owns this building should really call Chris Hansen and dateline NBC to catch the shady contractor responsible for the construction of this mess.

  13. @kelly-anne: funniest shit EVER!!!!! love you lady oh so much!


  14. This is just pure AWESOME!

  15. that mural is amazing! so many things to point out. i love giant salt shaker & the train coming out of the wall. the lady walking the turtle/toad..wouldn't that me so fun? what's with the pick axe fall out of the tree?

    so much fun!

  16. A train busting out of the wall (like the kool aid guy hahaa), eye peeking out the window, orange balloon, giant pencil, turtle on a leash, salt on popcorn, a lady with a giant brush painting : )

    Lovely picture :D

  17. Great pic!

  18. This is crazy funny, i love it!

  19. I can't get enough of the Bear on the can telephone.... who is she/he talking to and are they sharing juicy gossip?? Because I really want to know...

  20. that photo is hilarious; fantastic, hee hee xox

  21. Well I am certainly late seeing this, but just wanted to say how hilarious this was! Thanks for the laugh!


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