Friday, July 8, 2011

citybirds chirp: coffee and chopsticks

hi everyone and happy friday! today i bring you the cute little lass, cassie from coffee and chopsticks. she is such a sweetie and has a great blog filled with happiness and yummy food. check her cute corner of the blog here and say hi! so happy to have her on citybirds chirp!

Hi everyone! I’m so excited to be writing this for all of you! When I read about CB’s new Citybirds Chirps feature I immediately jumped at the chance to be a part of it! So thanks to her sooo much for letting me and thanks to all of you for reading! :D 

My name is Cassie and I run Coffee & Chopsticks! You’ve probably not heard of it, but it’s really cool, I swear!  I originally started it in January as a recipe storing place because I love to cook and bake and am obsessed with organization. Unfortunately, I have the worst attention span ever and only writing about food got boring pretty quickly. So I transformed it and added a blog along with reviews and fun little special features that I do every month/week/when whimsy strikes! I still cook (much to the delight of my roommates and neighbors since I insist on fattening up everyone around me!), but my blog has so much more to it now than just a few ingredients and instructions! 
I mostly bake lately, but love to make delicious dinners as well. My best friend says I’m the cause of her recently gained 5 lbs, but I really don’t think that’s true! I make a lot of vegetarian friendly dishes because I stopped eating red meat about a year ago. I’m also particularly enamored with rainbows and dishes that involve food coloring, like these rainbow layered cupcakes

Here are some random things about me that may interest you/bore you to tears: I really like Harry Potter and Star Trek. I’m a supernerd and play World of Warcraft like it’s my job. My best friend and I have a kitten named Hedwig and will be getting two new ones (Errol and Pigwidgeon, naturally) by August. I love reading and discovering new books. I live in Florida but hope to be moving to New Jersey in January. CB inspires me to ride my little bicycle more and more every day (much to the dismay of my love handles, let me tell you!) My favorite color is teal and Christmas is my number one favorite thing in the whole world!
I really like making lists, and I include a lot of them on C&C. I also accept recipes from my readers and feature them in the “reader submissions” section! I love connecting with people about the things I love, so if we have things in common, I’d love to hear from you! 
My blog is still growing and I’ve been connecting with people all over the blogosphere which has been so awesome. I hope for bigger, brighter things in the future! I’ll soon be launching a line on Etsy called Kitchen Couture, featuring cute aprons, oven mitts and kitchen towels that I’ve sewn with my humble little sewing machine, Gretel. I’m super excited about this and can’t wait to see my ideas come to fruition! :D
Thanks for reading this, and thanks again to CB for having me! I hope to see you all over at C&C sometime! 


  1. i want to eat everything on your blog. please? <3

  2. I love rainbow baked goods! Haha! Thanks for sharing.
    the oBITCHuaries

  3. i will have to check this little lady's blog out. I do love me some baking :)

  4. I haven't had a rice crispy treat in forever!!! I'm officially craving one now. ;) YUM!

  5. I LOVE HARRY POTTER!!!! lets be frands...

  6. Cassie! Good to meet you! Those rainbow cupcakes look so delicious! I need them in my tummy! :) -Lo

  7. Ahh! I'm so excited this is up! Thank you again so much! And everyone is so nice, you can all come eat all my food! :D

  8. Oh my goodness this is the most adorable post ever! I can't wait to check out your blog - I love cooking and reading about fun recipes and Harry Potter is also my favorite book series ever! Can't wait to read more!


  9. hee hee, love the rainbow food, looks so fun :)
    LOVE Harry Potter too (got my ticket booked for Friday)
    Can't wait to visit your etsy shop when it's up and running, sounds fab x

  10. HP, ST, & WoW, sounds like my life every single day. Just add in a little Firefly & Star Wars and you've got the perfect mix for the best day ever!


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