Friday, August 19, 2011

citybirds chirp: hazel & mare

 happy friday and hope you are all ready for another citybirds chirp. today i have katie from hazel & mare, one of my new favorite blogs. her blog is refreshing, engaging and just down right fun! every morning i get excited to see what new adventure her blog will take me on, i just LOVE her imagination. brilliant really! enjoy!

 Hi everybody! My name is Katie and I write a wee little blog called  Hazel & Mare. On my blog, I write little daily haikus about random things. I also feature a cute craft or homemade product from Etsy that is related to the haiku. I enjoy haikus because they’re short and sweet, and it’s fun to shmoosh a whole idea into only 17 syllables. One day, I hope to write crazy, silly poems like Shel Silverstein that make people smile!

Here are some of my favorite haikus. I hope you enjoy them!

“On Why You Should Probably Sign Your Kid Up for Boy Scouts”

"Always be prepared"
He'll help you live in the woods
When zombies attack
 Best Zombie Ever! Crocheted Zombie Amigurumi by Milky Robot.

“On My Preference in the Daily Breakfast Debate: Pancakes v. Waffles”

Waffles all the way
The secret to yumminess
Lies in the crannies

 The crannies provide traction so that toppings will not roll off the side, like those flat, lazy pancakes. Maple-scented waffle soap by AubreyEApothecary.

 “On How to be Prepared in Case One of Your Friends Discovers How to Time Travel”

You should learn latin
A time machine accident
Could land you in Rome

That way you will know how to order food in ancient restaurants. Time travelin’ penguin illustration by collageorama.

Thanks to CB for featuring me on City Bird’s Nest! She really is the sweetest, coolest gal ever!


  1. i love Hazel and Mare! such an adorable and entertaining blog xo

  2. Really cute!!! I love how she pairs it with an Etsy item. Adorable. :) Sea Marie

  3. I just love Katie and her blog! She's such a sweetheart!

  4. I was so excited when I saw that you were featuring Katie! She's an absolute sweetheart with a wonderful blog to boot! It's refreshing to see someone so warm and lovely on the blogging scene.

  5. yes waffles win over pancakes but what about french toast????

  6. LOVE these haikus! I'm off to learn Latin immediately.

    Sarah xxx

  7. Hi!

    I love love the crocheted zombie! <3
    its awesome(:

    Hope you have a great day full of lovely finds and waffles(;

    Carmila Ponycat (

  8. Thanks so much for this post, sweetie pie! You are so awesome! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!


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