Friday, September 30, 2011

citybirds chirp: a world of clutter

happy friday! i am very excited to have lynn here today from world of clutter! she is a super awesome lady who LOVES music, yummy food and bowling and i have had so much fun getting to know her over the year. her love of music is so contagious and i just wish i could go to as many concerts as she does. rock on lady!

Hi everyone! I'm excited to do a chirp for cb about me and my blog World of Clutter. My name is Lynn and I'm a 23 year old girl living in a suburb south of Boston in Massachusetts. My favorite things and my main blogging topics are music, tshirts, pigs, candlepin bowling, food, and whatever adventures I get into. I work in an office Monday- Friday doing the normal working for the weekend type thing. My friends and I usually spend the weekends going to see bands play, eating, or bowling (usually all three!).

My top five albums of the moment are:
1) The Cure- Boys Don't Cry
2) Pink Floyd- Meddle
3) Cock Sparrer- Shock Troops
4) AC/DC- High Voltage
5) Black Sabbath- Black Sabbath

I think I would honestly die if the day came where Pink Floyd was doing an actual reunion/final show type thing. I was lucky enough to catch Roger Waters doing The Wall and it was the most crazy concert experience I've ever had. When I was little my parents would always listen to classic rock and I think I might have known every lyric to all of The Doors songs by the time I was 7. I was lucky to grow up around good music and lived in a pretty cool area for seeing bands. Massachusetts is an awesome state and I've been able to be around great music AND be around the coolest form of bowling ever....CANDLEPIN. Candlepin bowling is in Massachusetts(where it was formed), New Hampshire, Maine and some parts of Canada. Its completely different from regular ten pin bowling. A) The balls are smaller and usually weigh 2-2.7 lbs. I use 2 lb balls and they are the lightest ones you can get. I'm pretty small so it takes a lot of pressure off of my wrists and hands. Regular bowling balls are usually 5-10 lbs.

B)You bowl the ball three times instead of two. In candlepin you get three tries to get the 10 pins down, because the game takes more skill so its harder to get all ten down.

C)No one in candlepin has ever gotten a perfect score! The highest score I've ever gotten was 115. D)The pins are actually like candlesticks, which is where the name came from. Hopefully if you ever visit the area you can check out candlepin bowling and support all of the mom & pop alleys in the area. Another big part of my blog are tshirt features. I love tshirts and collecting them and hunting for vintage ones. I feature anyone that wants to take part and they post their favorite shirt and just answer a few questions about it. My blog originally started out being a tshirt blog and I would post shirts and just talk about them a bit. It slowly turned into outfit posts, then I just started to post about my life in general! I'm really happy with what I chat about and I hope that you check it out and maybe take part in a future tshirt feature :D
thanks lynn!!!


  1. candlepin bowling sounds like fun! putting it on the to-do list : )

  2. never heard of candlepin bowling before but if there's booze involved I'm down!

  3. Thanks for featuring me!
    @ amber blue bird, most candlepin alleys serve beer and have a generic snack bar. very old school places

  4. wow! glad you featured this blogger! learned something new!!! :)

  5. cute blog:) i follow you!!!

    xoxo A.

  6. I just found your blog and I love it. The bike tips are so cute. xo, rv


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