Thursday, October 20, 2011

a green post: canning with jordan!

Hi everyone! i am more then thrilled to have jordan here from trailer gypsy here to talk about canning! i have had first hand experience in tasting her yummy canned goodies and i really really want to try my hand at it too! so many wonderful advantages come with making your own canned food, not to mention it saves you money and it is always always nice to have a cupboard filled of yummy treats. well before i take up too much of your is jordan!

Hi guys, I'm Jordan from Trailer Gypsy and cb invited me here today to talk about home canning or "putting up". I had canned in the past, as a child, and then once in college I made raspberry jam as gifts for my family but I had never canned with the intention to use what I put up to eat throughout the entire year. In March my boyfriend and I moved from the SLC area to a small farming community in Idaho. This town has been a breath of fresh air for us. One of the first things I noticed about the area was all of the vacant produce stands and snow covered orchards that would be brimming over with fresh produce come Spring and Summer. A little plan hatched in my head to can as much fresh local produce as I possibly could. I also planted my own garden to pull from.
Raspberry Jam, Sour Cherry Jam
I got to work digging out old canning books my Auntie had given me and thrifting for jars. I signed up for the local orchard's newsletter, watched craigslist for people selling produce, and tended my own garden. The season started off slowly with pickled asparagus but then as berries began to ripen and cherries were everywhere, my canning got into full swing and it hasn't let up. In fact, I think this is the busiest I've been with tomatoes being ready right now. I've learned so much this year and found something I'm passionate about in the process.
Pickled Asparagus
Not only is canning a great way to preserve the season, but it's also really green as you're procuring produce locally. Nothing is being shipped across the country, or from out of the country for that matter, and usually when you're buying from local family farms, you have a much higher chance of finding organic produce. I like to use heirloom seeds in my garden and I never use any chemicals on my plants. I know what I'm feeding to friends and family is healthy and natural. I love the fact that it isn't full of weird ingredients I can't pronounce and high fructose corn syrup.
Slow Burn Relish, Tomato Sauce, Plum Jam, Plum Butter, Pear Ketchup
Canning is growing in popularity and yet there is still a misconception that it is difficult and unsafe. If you know the general rules for canning, it's very safe. It's one of those things though where you can't bend the rules, if you abide by them, you won't have a problem. There are great websites and guides out there to get you started. If you're interested, here is a post on how to begin canning, it covers where to get your supplies, how to find out about the process and safe recipes, and where to locate produce in your area.
I feel a sense of accomplishment when I hear the little clicking sound that indicates a jar has sealed. Not only do I use this food for my own little family but I gift it to friends and loved ones too. Even if canning isn't something you are interested in, I urge you to try some other food preservation methods like freezing or dehydrating because there is nothing better than a little taste of summer when you're surrounded by snow and shivering your butt off.
My work in progress canning cellar. 
Water bath canning is what I do the most of, and it's great for jams, pickles, and low acid foods. Last month I was able to purchase a pressure canner and I can't wait to can all kinds of low acid veggies next summer, in addition to fish! I know that when a lot of people think of canning they think of jam, but there is a whole world of canning out there, with lots of interesting recipes including things like kimchi, pear ketchup, pickled watermelon rinds, and salmon. I hope I've made canning sound awesome, because it is and you should definitely try it! Oh, and you can even make booze.

thanks so much jordan for sharing and inspiring all of us to want to try out canning! such an awesome traditional way to be green!

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  1. This was a fantastic post!!! I've been following Jordan for quite a while now and love hearing about her canning process!!! Everything sounds oh so delicious!!!

    (Also, did you say booze? Mmmmm! ^_-)

  2. I LoVe Jordan and her canning ways!! She inspires me! :)

  3. i love making my own jam, but i've never really tried canning anything else. i'd love to make pickles because i've never had a pickle that's as good as a home canned pickle! thanks for sharing! :D

  4. I didn't realize you could can so much stuff! Neat!

  5. I would love to try this out and give out jam for xmas to my family. Everyone likes jam.

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    I just found your blog, and I love it!
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  7. Wow, Jordan, your canning pantry puts mine to shame! I'm in awe of your canning!

  8. Very very cool! We're trying to get more into canning, but have been slacking. This makes me excited for the next growing season. :)


  9. *I was just reading this again and the very last paragraph should say water bath canning is good for HIGH acid foods!! Silly me.


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