Friday, November 11, 2011

its in the details #2

happy friday peaches! today is another in the details and i am very happy to have ruth from lavendar biscuit to share with us a little part of her everyday. ruth is such an awesome lady, a sweet blog friend and a wonderful support to citybirds, i am very happy to call her friend :) take it away!

This little frog sits on the chest of drawers in my bedroom, where I can see him

When he was new, back in the 1950’s I believe, he was full of a solid perfume. You
can still smell it slightly all these years later. He belonged to my Grandma, and I was
fascinated by him. Whenever I visited her house as a very small girl, I was allowed to
hold him & smell the last little bits of perfume within.
Seeing him everyday brings a smile to my face as I remember my beloved Grandma,
and smelling that perfume just takes me right back to being a little girl again …
Grandma taking the time to whisk me some chocolate milk (I’ve never been able to
recreate it), spending hours playing make-believe with me, walking my brother & me
to the local newsagents for treats & realising she still had her slippers on J, singing
me to sleep with “On Richmond Hill” (her favourite old-english song), and when I
stayed overnight & woke up scared, she would wake to my touch saying “I thought
there was an angel touching my face”.

She was the sweetest and kindest lady to everyone and I’ve been missing her every
day for the last 24 years. Seeing her beautiful little frog every day reminds me that
she’s still with me, here in my heart. x

thank you so much ruth for sharing such a wonderful and sweet memory of someone you love. i am sure we all have something in our lives that reminds us of someone we have loved and lost. a reminder to us all that we never fully lose the ones that have touched our hearts.



  1. What a dear post! That is such a lovely item and the sweet memories makes it even better...such a great sentiment. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  2. This is the sweetest post and you have such a beautiful treasure to help you remember your grandmother

  3. What a wonderful reminder. Scent has a powerful way of influencing memory.

  4. So sweet. It is wonderful to have such great times with grandparents. I know how hard it can be missing them though. What special memories this frog holds!

  5. that's so cute! thank you for always stopping by and reading my blog. It gives me warm fuzzies : )


  6. thanks ladies for the lovely comments, and thanks cb for the wonderful intro & chance to be involved :) xox

  7. That is a fantastic frog! What a great memory to go with an heirloom piece!

  8. what a wonderful reminder of her grandma. She sounds like she was a lovely lady with a big heart.

  9. What a sweet story! I think that we all had at least one object from our grandparents' houses which we fixated on!


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