Friday, December 16, 2011

its in the details #4

happy friday everyone! today is another "its in the details" and today i have the wonderful shawna from poppies and sunshine. she has become a dear blog friend and i am very happy to have her hear and get to know her a bit more, enjoy!

"Here is the view of my drive home. It really is a beautiful drive. In the spring, there are wildflowers everywhere. In the winter you can see the majestic snow capped mountains. In the fall, there is that wonderful golden haze everywhere. And at the moment this picture was taken, there was this cool classic car, which I would love to have!

When I was ten, my family moved, which meant farther away from all my friends and closer to this rustic mountainous area that was completely opposite from the “city girl” I liked to think I was. It took growing up, moving away, then moving back closer to family again to realize that I had the privilege of growing up near an area that people actually took time off from their jobs to vacation to! It just goes to show that change is hard sometimes, but sometimes if we don’t take that first courageous step, we may miss out on a lot of good things. And even though I really didn’t have a choice in the matter of moving at the time, I would have never known of this great area and would have missed out on some really great memories and opportunities that have shaped me into the person I am today."

xo Shawna


  1. What a sweet blog, thanks for the tip!

    xx L

  2. your blog is so nice! so adorable! i'm glad i stumbled upon it.

  3. wow that drive is lovely. i love how open it is. that's such a gorgeous photography and the reflection that goes with it certainly tugged at my heart strings.

  4. Thanks again for having me be apart of "its in the details"! xoxo


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