Monday, December 31, 2012

happy new year!!!!!!

  happy new year's eve! i hope you all have a great time ringing in the new year whatever your plans may be! i am spending it with loved ones, kelly-anne and xanadu julie, i am sooo excited!! i am having a hard time doing my 2012 recap post as not having a proper computer makes it kinda hard but i am still trying! 
i have been thinking a lot about resolutions, well mainly because its hard not to this time of year, everybody is sharing them. i am not sure how i feel about them. all i know is i want to keep being happy and keep going on the track i'm on. 2012 was a great but wierd year for me. it had its ups and downs but when i look back at it, it was the tipping point that finally lead me to where i have been the most happy in years. yea, money is tight and i work two jobs but i am on my way to becoming a tattoo artist and ford me there is nothing better then being able to fullfill this lifelong dream. i am going to try my hardest, keep my chin up and like they say, fake it till you make it! hehe. 2013 looks bright with some money tucked away for a long bike camping adventure, days of surfing, the day i can quit my other job and just be able to do what i love. i hope your 2013 is just as bright and if not brighter. remeber, life is what you make it so take every advantage to make it spectular! see you in 2013!!!!!!!


  1. happy new year! i hope 2013 isn't a jerk!
    love youuuuu!

  2. You've done so well in this last year, and 2013 is just going to be better!
    I quit one of my jobs this (last?) year and i couldnt be happier about it, it's just another step closer to where i want to be! Have a wonderful time with your friends xx

  3. Happy New Year!

    Totally random, Parker saw your flowers on your heading & loves them. He wishes we could print them out to color them :)


  4. Happy new year cb! Hope you have a fantastic year of happiness, love, music, laughter and tattoos! Sarah xxx

  5. Such a lovely post CB!! All the best for 2013 - I hope its awesome :D

  6. Happy new year beautiful! I wish you a brilliant new year with lots of fun and realised dreams and goals!

    xo L

  7. Happy New Year, CB!! I hope you had a fantastic night and a great start to 2013! I hope it's a wonderful and exciting year for all and one that's full of positive changes and wish fulfillment!


  8. Happy New Year lovely! I hope 2013 brings you loads of happiness and success <3

  9. great post honey, and a great attitude too :) you're so right, you're on the road to doing what you love and that is wonderful. Here's to an amazing 2013 and to fulfilling our dreams xox


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