Friday, December 21, 2012

the goings ons

Well, we survived, yay!!!! So glad we did, there was still so much i wanted to do! So im blogging from my ipod ands its kinda funky but here are the things i have been up to!

Got tattooed, again! always in a constant state of healing :( but i am so close to being done!

Went and did ifly, the best experience i have had in a long time! I want to go again!!! Any takers?

I have been drawing like mad! Here are some doodles from my sketch book. I will be painting these as soon as i can.

So since blogging is getting more difficult i am finding instagram and twitter to be sooo more my speed at the moment. You can find me at @citybirdsnest.

Have a great weekend!!


  1. Merry Christmas sweet Cristie! Sorry I haven't been around so much lately, December has been a crazy busy month for me!
    Love your new blog design and your latest tattoo designs!
    I hope you have a fantastic Christmas with Tom and your family!

    xo xo L

  2. cant wait to see the final product! PS loving the blog design, very quirky minimal chic.

  3. Loving the new blog design!! Can't wait to see the finished tattoo, and looooving that skull design ;]
    Happy, happy holidays sweetie!!!

  4. bear and i always talk about going indoor skydiving and breaking the machine. there's not enough air power in the world to get us off the ground!

    i love your flash!

  5. So glad to see you posted! I totally understand how tough it can be! You look so cute in that tattoo picture. Indoor skydiving sounds so fun:) your flash work is beautiful:)

  6. So excited to see your finished tattoo! That's awesome that you went skydiving. I've never heard of doing it inside. Sadly I'm petrified of jumping/falling from high places, so I'll never be able to do it!

  7. I want to try the ifly experience so much! It looks so fun!!

  8. Haha! Yes! The world did not end! Woohoo!

    Oh my goodness! I can't believe you went skydiving! I am such a chicken when it comes to that sort of stuff! Well done you!

    I cannot wait to see the finished leg piece you are gonna have! It's going to be AMAZING!

    I absolutely love... LOVE... your flash. The skull one is my ultimate favorite.

    Instagram is fun! I am glad we get to catch up on what one another is up to on there! I am digging the new blog layout. I am thinking I need to update my blog, but I have a lot of work to do on that.

    Sending you all my best!

  9. Loving the new look on your blog - and that first pic is a beautiful photo of you! :)

    Wishing you a Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year all the way from Finland!

    x Aniko

  10. kiki LOVING the new design! it's so YOU!

    Merry Christmas xx

  11. I love your new blog design! I javent been normal blogging my self lately either. its so much easier to "micro blog" on instagram :)

    have a great holiday!

  12. Hello lovely, I saw your tweet and wanted to give you a link to my very favorite slow cooker recipe. So so yummy!

    Also, any pulled pork recipe is really popular. Enjoy your new slow cooker, they're awesome! Merry Christmas! xoxo

  13. well, hi happiness and aren't you looking the most darling ever in the tat chair! seems the season has taken hold and brought about many great times had by all not to mention an awesome amount of memories to smile about later. case in point, all these fab achievements you've accomplished. ifly sounded fierce but a taker i am not :( super scared of heights and too much movement makes me a queasy mess unfortch. wish i could be on board cos it does sound like so much fun!

    duuuude, 2013 is almost here - can't quite get over that fact myself but it's upon us :) i'm sure you & Tom will continue to create massively fun adventures - you guys spread the goodness with a huge ladle and it's all kinds of awesome. xo ♥


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