Sunday, February 17, 2013

here's what ive been up too...

  Hi friends! Its been a while! Hope all is well. I've been a busy beaver, drawing, tattooing and playing with friends. Life has been good and is overshadowing the tough stuff in life which is always good. Thank you for all your kind and thoughful comments, its so wondering and uplefting to read them! I am feeling more and more confident each time i tattoo and getting less and less intimidated and im always learning new things (what works for me and what doesnt) I am buying supplies and building my little tattoo station for when i start excepting clients, its all soo exciting!

Here are a three tattoos that i have done on tom. The skull still isnt finished, the books and the arc around it need to be filled in. It was a long day tattooing and tom was done so we called it quits. As an apprenctice, while im tattooing, i still need to do my duties and talk to people when they come in, answer the phone, blah blah blah, so tattoing can take longer then it should sometimes but thats cool. Im just grateful i have the best person to tattoo! He is so supportive and wants me to succeed just as much as i do so its nice that he is so flexible and understanding when i need to stop and take care of clients when they come in.

These two i did last friday. I did just the outline and added kelly-anne's name. Tom loves his sister so much,mit was so sweet. Plus it was my first time doing script and i thought i did a great job! I think i will put the tooth on my thigh and will probably tattoo that myself soon! Ouch! Hehe the teapot came out so great. Tom wasnt sure if he wanted it colored it but i convinced him and will do that at the same time as the tooth, yay

For those of you who dont follow me on instagram, tom is always posting action shots of me tattooing, here are few :) its so much fun, i love tattooing!

Oh and in other news, it was kelly-anne's birthdat a bit ago and i made her tooth pillows, one for each ofmthe family! Arent they cute!!! Love them!!


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Memorial: a tattoo!

  Howdy folks! Its been a while. I got sick last week and powered thru it with three days in bed! It felt good to rest and take care of myself but being sick always makes me bit sad and helpless. So many people are sick and said the same thing. I am so glad it is over! I was sad i didnt get to tattoo last week but Tom is letting me tattoo him twice, one on Thursday the next on Friday. Im totally so stoked!

Im excited to share a custom tattoo design for my friend. Its a memorial tattoo for her dad who passed away 25 years ago. He was a pilot so she wanted something that represented that and was feminine. I added his birthflowers, larkspurs and his initials. She is getting it on her back and i believe soon it will be offcially inked on her! I cant wait to see it and I feel so honored to be a part of something so special.


Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fresh ink


Happy sunday! Oh boy, another hard week, but mostly personal which I wish not to talk about here. Mostly, being an adult is hard so getting a tattoo on friday came at a perfect time! My buddy at the shop did it and I designed it a while ago and have been itching to get it done. I am sooo in love with it. I can't wait to tattoo my floral designs on mu first customer! I tattooed tom last thursday and it went really well, just added some more scallops on his ankle and as soon as those heal i will fill them in. I think this week will be a shaded skull! Im pretty stoked as this will be my first try on shading!!! Yippeee!! I love everything about tattooing as scary as it may be! Sorry, I haven't been around to see what everyone is up to, its been pretty hectic over here but I am gonna make some time this week to make my rounds! Hope everyo e is doing well!

Sunday, January 20, 2013


  well, howdy my fellow internet friends! Its been a while and took a break longer then I thought but I needed it. Last week was kinda tough for me and I just didnt have the energy to post. I've been drawing again non stop and tattooed tom again Friday. Had a great day off and hung out with my bunnies, Kelly Anne and Miss Xanadue Julie. We had a great slumber party, I wish Kelly Anne lived closer so we could hang out all the time. i love my ladies :) 
Here are some drawings I have been up too. A cute little 70's owl and then later I added a moth that I tattooed on Tom. 

Our ritual Friday tattoo session went super great. I am feeling sooo much better, feeling super confident and I can see that I am getting better. I have a ways to go until I can take clients but this has been the best one yet. I loved tattooing it and I am beyond thrilled at how it came out! But is aint easy. Anyone who says learning to tattoo is easy, is lying. Its tough stuff. Really, it is. You have to be able to have thick skin, be able to pick yourself up and get back on your feet and keep going. I am so happy with this adventure im going on. Its tough but like they say "what is doesn't kill you only makes you stronger. 

Not sure if I will update later this week. I am wrapping up a drawing for a friend and then starting another one for another friend too. Ill share as soon as I can! Have a great week!!