Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a train ride and reminiscence

last week, thursday couldn't have come any sooner! i was so relieved
to have the business portion of my travels over and done with!
wednesday night was filled with excitement as it was the beginning of
my new england adventure! i am pretty stocked with the way my pictures came out too :D
there is something so magical about being on a
train... like a long forgotten way of travel that slows time and 
creates a world of wonder. the scenery from my seat inside the train
was one that was filled with mystic and breath taking views with low
fog creeping into the wetlands of the new england coastline...i
couldn't help but wonder what it would feel like to live here...

the slated houses worn over time  provide a simpler time where life is
slow and sweet....having been raised in the california country with a
very small farm there is always a part of me that wishes to go back to
that...i am torn...there is something so wonderful about being in the
country where the air is quiet and nature surrounds your entire
senses...ever since i was little i yearned to live in the city. our
weekend visits to my grandparents house evoked a need that the country
couldn't fulfill but now as i get older i want to recede back to what
once was...a place in my heart where forgotten train tracks,
eucalyptus forests and sprawling grassy fields were the adventures of my childhood...

what are some of your childhood memories?



  1. your pictures are awesome. How did you process them? So mystical and vintagey. I also long for the country, but when I'm out in the counrty all I think about is things like 'DANG we're totally far from a grocery store right now, what do people do that live out here?!!!' haha, and stuff like that. I guess I'm just not cut out for it. But I do need a little getaway once in awhile just to see open spaces and breathe some fresher air.
    I have a favorite childhood memory of going to my grandma's house. She would always buy little toys for us and hide them in a ceramic duck decoration she had. So we would run in her house and over to the duck to see what our suprise was. It was usually something like a parachute man, or gum..so simple but it brought so much joy.

  2. Beautiful blog!
    Nicee : )

    /Fashion Bowie

  3. Chrystie: i used 35mm film and just got them developed at walgreens..super easy! i love this camera..it is a vintage minolta but at the moment don't know the model #...it always takes amazing pictures you just can't get from digtal :D what a cute childhood memory, i love stuff like that!

    danielle: thanks love! i appreciate the compliment..you made me smile


  4. oh my goodness... what whimsical landscape shots! and those houses, how pretty.

    i think i climbed a lot of trees when i was little. i remember a lot of that. haha =D

  5. Aw, I love the way you describe train rides because I wholeheartedly agree. Planes stress me out, and buses are usually more crowded and gross, but a train is so perfectly nostalgic. Wonderful!

  6. Broke in OC: thanks sweetie. the last time i climbed a tree i got the worse poison oak ever! you couldn't even recognize my face! so sad

    melissa: i know i really don't like flying, it makes me anxious but i do love looking down at the landscape below. i took some really awesome pictures of the view from the plain so i hope those come out! i should get the film back today...can't wait to share it with you all :)



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