Monday, October 25, 2010

tahoe fun!

WOW!!! is pretty much my reaction when i came home to the most amazing comments and emails! thank you soooooo much for being such a wonderful and amazing group of ladies, i feel so blessed! oh and yes i received all of your virtual good luck vibes, thank you! i am squirreling them away for now and saving them for when we send off our business plan to the loan lenders! i will keep you all updated on the progress of our new and exciting adventure and again thank you oh so much for the support!

 i just got back from my future cousin in laws bachlorette party in tahoe, boy was it fun! she has a great group of friends! we left early friday and got there around 4....we setup and got right down to business......drinking! hehehehe there were only 5 of us there until 10ish so we kept the margaritas flowing and relaxed in hot tube...

the beautiful bride to be!
wearing our bachlorette star glasses
tasting the margaritas...yum!
tahoe is always so pretty but during the fall it really is truly beautiful...scattered throughout the scenery is pops of bright yellow but as you get closer to the town there was a bunch of incredibly beautiful! i LOVE fall...

saturday we just laid around and watched sleepaway camp which if you haven't seen this movie you really really must...not gonna say another word...just take my good

that night we went out to a club called opal which was in one of the casinos...we all got dolled up...played some games and drank a bit before we headed out...except there was a catch...we each got paired up with another girl for a scavenger hunt! each team got a list of things they had to do and document...each had a point so the more you did the better chance you had at winning. this was such a fun idea and made going out different and so much fun! i plan on doing this for a future birthday! here are a few from the night...

the "pre-party"drinking one of my favorites....champagne!
the bride to be had to get proposed to..
i had to find a guy with large muscles and squeeze them...this guy was also having a bachelor party..he was SOO nice!
a guy had to show me his belly button..he showed it to me twice..i guess he really likes his belly button

i had to ask a guy to donate money to the wedding
so random but this girl was getting painted...she is completely naked! acutally really cool...from far away she looks like she is really wearing shorts!
the drive back home this morning was a little rough but with a little sleep and some greasy food i am almost back to normal...i hope everyone had a great weekend! i'll be back on wednesday!

oh and by the way...the tandem bike is up in my shop!


  1. wow! Fun night. haha, glad you had a good time! I love the scavenger hunt idea.

  2. hee hee hee - sounds like a fabulous weekend! Makes me want to organise something.

    When we were out for Hubby's birthday, a girl came up to my brother-in-law and said she had to kiss the chest of the hairest man (he's not that hairy!) so I guess they were doing something similar, or perhaps she was just nuts ;)

    I LOVE margaritas, esp Mango ones, YUM!!! xx

  3. those trees are gorgeous! and yikes about the naked lady! lol

  4. sounds a like a blast! Not sure why that guy had to show you his belly button twice..once would have been enough for me :)

  5. what an adventure!! it looks like you had a lof of fun. :)
    i did something like this with my first roomie in college...and way, way too many of her frat-house friends. totally mayhem, but some great memories.

    thanks again for sending in your pic! it was so nice to have you participate. i'm going to do another one in the near future... ;)

  6. Looks like it was a lot of fun - and those trees are gorgeous!

  7. that looks like an amazing time!! that is a ton of margarita!! yummmmm!!

  8. Ahh looks like fun! I love how it looks like your eating a giant bowl of margarita goodness in that one shot! ;) I'm jealous- I need a good night of drinking after last week... but I guess that's what Halloween is for haha!

  9. Ok, weird because I was the last person to comment on this and now I'm commenting again, which makes me feel a wee bit like a creeper haha! ;) Anyways, when I saw Al Green at the Monterey Bay Blues Festival, he did the same thing... such a ladies' man! My friend's mom got one of the roses and I was so jealous haha!

  10. Sounds like an amazing night! And I swear those shorts were real!!
    Oh and I saw these and immediately thought of you! =]


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