Friday, October 22, 2010

two can ride

hey all! happy friday, yahoooooo!!! so i got super excited that you all couldn't wait to see the tandem so i jumped on it and here is the latest! i sooo love this one! red classic tandem with a light blue stained frame! i started a sketch for another that is a bike camping one...i can't wait for that one!!

i haven't added it to my shop yet...i can't tell you how CRAZY it is over here! i am asking you guys a HUGE favor....i need all your good luck vibes in the next two months...because.............................................WE ARE GOING TO OPEN A BIKE SHOP!!!! we are doing all the financing and design...blah blah blah and let me tell you it is A TON of work but the mister and i are so super EXCITED!! the only thing that will be the most difficult is getting the business loan....oh i hope they lend us the money!!! one of our favorite bike shops retired this year and the other stores are CRAP with bad service, shitty inventory & shitty attitude! i have told the mister i refuse to go to one of them because of the attitude we always get there whenever we step foot in there...we are hoping to get the shop opened early january of next year so my postings will be sporadic and i will be posting a lot of my crafts that i am also getting ready for my craft fair....YIPPEEEE

i am off now heading up to lake tahoe for my cousin's fiancee's bachlorette party! can't wait, it is going to be fun and a time to let loose a little. i'll be back on sunday to share the good times!

hope you all have a great weekend!!!!!!


  1. oh my goodness, that is SO exciting! all the very best of luck to you. how fun that will be for you two to do together. I admire your courage. It's going to be great, I'm sure!

  2. Congrats on the shop- What an exciting time for you!! Will be sure to send good luck vibes your way!
    The tandem art looks great! Which reminds me of my incredibly oblivious neighbors who have a vintage, green Schwinn tandem and are letting it sit outside of their apartment exposed to all the elements (rain, and soon to be snow). It breaks my heart :(

  3. How Exciting! Congrats to you & your new "baby". I think you will be an excellentmy to all the bikes out there :)


  4. how fabulous! Wishing you every bit of good luck, I'm crossing everything!

    Love the tandem, I once road on one with my Dad (my Mum & brother just couldn't synch), such fun!

    Have a fantastic party & weekend. x

  5. That is such exciting news!! I am sending good vibes your way that everything will go smoothly and successfully!!!
    Have a great weekend

  6. Aww wow congratulations and good luck to boot! I love that you felt so strongly about the naff service in the other shops, that you decided to start up you own. Very few people actually get past the dreaming stage so I'm so chuffed for you!
    I'm all smiley right now all the way over in England! My face is like this:
    Best of luck you too! x

  7. that is soooo awesome!! good luck to you both! xoxo keep us updated! have a great weekend, sounds like a lot of fun (and mischief?!)

  8. this is great! You have all my support pretty!

  9. Wow! What a fantastic idea!
    Good luck to you both. Look forward to seeing more craftiness...I love this one.

  10. oh good, best, amazing luck!!! how completely exciting! :D

    the tandem bike turned out SO dang cute! you are so talented. :)

    thanks so much for participating in my fashion show! i hope you had fun with it (cause i really did :P).

    happy weekend!

  11. Holy Crap Goodness, that is awesome news. Sending you goodest good luck vibes (yes goodest isnt a word but who cares)

  12. that is awesome news!!!!! and i totally want that tandem bike for my living room wall. :) put it up put it up!

  13. Ooh so exciting! Good luck chicadee, and I'm sure it'll all work out splendidly! That needlework is super cute too! Have fun at the bachelorette party! :)

    P.S.- I think that recording Proud Mary in the bathroom sounds epic! ;)

  14. omg!! that is amazing!! keeping you in my thoughts <3

  15. needless to say christie, that i am uber excited for you and the mister. i will be sending my positive vibes out to you guys and will be here for any support you guys need in this step. do not hesitate to reach out for support dear friend. have fun this weekend. can't wait to hang out with you soon!

  16. WAHOOOOOO! Good luck with the shop. I am sending you good vibes now.....

    Did you get them?

    Ok, and love the tandem :) very nice.

  17. congrats! how cool that you're opening your own shop! i'd love to start a business someday. thanks for the inspiration.

  18. Wow, look at you, busy lady! Congrats on the bike shop, that sounds like the perfect thing for you two to start up!!!


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