Friday, November 5, 2010

the sweet smell

aahh november is really one of my favorites months because it celebrates two wonderful things....the mister's birthday..SO GLAD he was born!!! and THANKSGIVING!!! this is my all time favorite holiday...EVER!!! so over the weekend i made a pumpkin pie! now i didn't make the crust, i cheated and the mister got me pre-maid crust BUT i did use a real pumpkin instead of that canned stuff! it added an extra step but really it was super easy and i think made a WORLD of a difference...i don't want to toot my own horn as i didn't invent the recipe but whoever did is my HERO but this pie was soooooo amazingly yummy! i have one more pie crust and pumpkin and i will be making this again for sure...also going to make it for thanksgiving to share with my family! i know my little sugar monster of a niece will love it ;D

the first step was to get all the seeds and pumpkin guts out and then cut it up into pieces. you have several ways of cooking the pumpkin, either microwave (yuuk, don't know one and NEVER will again,) bake (which takes 45 min to an hour) OR steam for 20 min....hmmmm i'll take the later. so i threw all the pieces in a pot and steamed for 20 mins. waited till the little pieces of hot lava cooled and then scooped out all the yummy flesh, tossed in a blender and blended till it was all smooth and even. easy peesy lemon squeezy!

right before it went into the oven
the extra piece of wonderfulness that this recipe added was a walnut, sugar & cinnamon topping which you also blend...this goes on top of the pie and give it an extra crunch that i OH SO LOVED! i found the recipe on epicurious....which you can find here....this website is my go to for finding all things yummy.
half through you take the pie out and add the walnut topping

and here is the wonderfulness that came out and filled our tummies with pumpkin sugary goodness!

hope you make the recipe and enjoy it as much as we did!!

have a great weekend! the mister is off to las vegas for his first time! i can't wait to hear what he thinks when he gets back and i have a bike expo to attend to and round up some potential venders!!!!



  1. looks yummy, yes you should get the Ladyhawke album, its so catchy! I actually bought the host awhile ago but never started reading it..maybe i need to break it out

  2. oooooh yuuuum piiiiiiie.

    i think you've broken my brain, dear.

    happy weekend!

  3. This look amazing! have fun in Vegas!

  4. Wow! That's a real deal punkin' pie! In a word. Yum.

  5. that looks sooo delectable! i love the fact that you put a walnut topping on it. what a great idea!

  6. Oh you! You made me hungry...

    but.... that's not a bad thing ^_^

    hope to hear from you
    amy <3

  7. i had my first pumpkin pie last thanksgiving, i loved it! your pictures are making me so hungry!


  8. I don't think I've ever found a pumpkin pie recipe that has a topping like that, it looks delicious! I must try it this thanksgiving!

  9. *eats computer screen*
    I love me some pumpkin pie. This looks deliciouss!~

  10. that looks amazing! I love pumpkin flavored anything :)


  11. hmm. interesting. i might give this a go...

  12. that pie looks delicious, I must have a go as you can't buy decent pumpkin pie over here :)

    Hope both your weekends were fab (Vegas is so much fun) & that you manage to round up those vendors xoxox

  13. Maaajor yum! Pumpkin is one of the most delicious foods ever, and it is best in pie form, without a doubt.


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