Friday, December 3, 2010

holiday craft fair!

happy friday! i am torn...i am happy it is friday but it will be a long night tonight. i still have lots to do and on top of that it might rain on saturday...please rain gods be good to us hard working crafters and don't rain!!

i want to thank the mister for being the best ever! he has been so awesome this week while i freak out and run around like a crazy trying to wrap everything up. loves you to pieces my sweet!

so for you bay area peeps, come check out the CCA holiday craft fair. there are some amazing artists and one of a kind crafts.  the mister and i will be there with lots of bike embroideries, chickie paintings, owl earrings and fabric necklaces. the fun starts at 11 and ends at 3, there is live jazz music and great food. hope to see some of you out there!

the rest of my weekend is pretty packed too....after the fair we are going hunting for a christmas cactus!!!!!!! we have been talking about getting one for years and this year we really want to get are! can't wait to show you pictures :) saturday night we are making a favorite dish...argentina beef stew....SOOOOOOOOOOOO yummy! and then on sunday it is my grandparents 60th anniversary! i can't wait to celebrate with them!

hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!



  1. oh man I really want to go!! Oakland isn't too far if I just cross the Dumbarton bridge but I also have finals next week! Decisions decisions...

  2. I hope the craft fair went well today - wish I could have visited!

  3. wow, sounds like an amazing weekend. I hope the craft fair was successful (wish I could have come), that you got your christmas cactus (can't wait to see it) and that your family day was great. xox

  4. this was like "Craft show weekend." we went to a HUGE one in Seattle. it was nuts!

    hope you had lots and lots of sales. :)


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