Thursday, January 20, 2011

my word for the year

the lovely diane from the dew drop inn has started a great tradition...every year on new year's eve she passes around a bag filled of words and throughout the night people can pick from this bag. the word you chose is your word for the year...each person has their own interpretation of the word and what he or she chooses to do with that word is up to them. she had left over words and was offering them to her blog buddies and i thought it would be fun so i signed up...she picked out of the bag a word for me and my word is...

i thought it was very fitting as a month before i wrote a list of things i wanted to do before 2012. this little list was inspired by the oh so lovely elsie from a beautiful mess who is an endless bit of inspiration. it was fun to write because it satisfies my love of writing lists but also wanting to try new things, pick up old hobbies or things i want to accomplish.

my list includes a few things like:

*riding my our bikes to santa cruz, camping along the way and then finally staying at the light house    hostel!
* making a bike jersey!
* go surfing again!
* go mushroom picking!
*be in the bazaar bizarre craft fair!

now i am not holding myself to this list as life never goes as expected but if i can cross some things off my list, great and whatever doesn't get done will then get transferred to the next years list. i kept in mind also things that were realistic...i mean going to the moon would be SWEET but i don't have a spaceship to get there but i do have two legs and a bike and i can go pretty far with that :D

do you have a list of things you would like to do?



  1. i had a list, but i lost it... haha oh dear!

    experience is such a great, great word to get!

  2. this is wonderful! and reminds me i need to post the last third of my "30 before 30" list. as of tomorrow, i'll only have 1.5 years to make it happen! eep. :P

  3. I made a list too! And it's been really fun already checking things off. Good luck!

  4. this is a great idea, I might need to make list of my very own

  5. That's a great New Years tradition, I need to remember that one for next year.

    If you even end up checking off half of your list, 2011 will still be a real sweet year! ;) Best of luck!

  6. oh, this is so wonderful!

    reading it totally made my day.

    i adore the picture.

    and making a passionate list is a powerful move.

    cheers to a great year!


  7. This is the first year I've ever made New Years resolutions, and I wanted them all to be fun, like:
    - Make at least one new friend
    - Grow my hair past my shoulders
    - Hire a car and drive my fella away for a weekend
    - Learn to knit socks
    - Bake a gingerbread house

    Your list looks lovely, good luck ticking them off!

  8. Yes, I have a list but it keeps changing. I am thinking about writing a life list soon.

  9. This is such a good idea! And all the things on your list puts a smile on my face.

  10. :) I know you've seen my 'to do' list, so I won't rehash (it's going well so far). Anyway I LOVE your list, fabulous! and it's a great word too xoxo

  11. AH! I love your list! And the illustrations are rad, I totally giggled at the VW's "beep-beep"ing! I wasn't going to make one of these lists this year, but now I am reconsidering... So stoked you put surfing on there, it's too bad we don't live even remotely close, or we could go together! And a tea party sounds so FUN!

  12. i love writing lists too. It helps organize my thoughts. And surfing is awesome :)

  13. hey there, thanks for the virtual high five. In my mind I gave you a virtual high five back and then we had smoothies

  14. That is such a cool idea!
    I always have lists of things to do, but very rarely do I get to do any checking off. :)
    I hope you're much more successful with your list-making. Plus, these are fun things, so it should be twice as easy.

  15. I love the list. I have a similar one that you have inspired me to post (we'll see if that actually happens...) I totally relate to your love of lists, something about a list is just so grounded, I feel like I get all the little things floating around my mind into one spot.

  16. i looove this list! such a brilliant idea. i have lots of lists written down for what i want to do for 2011, and i can't wait to see which ones i make happen. it's going to be a great year!

  17. Wow, such an epically fun idea!!!! The word you got is so perfect, too -- here's to a 2011 filled with all kinds of enriching experiences!


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