Friday, February 11, 2011

7 facts award!

hi everybody! i received a 7 facts award from the little cutie kat over at something with a change of other stuff. i haven't done this in a while so i thought it would be fun!

1. i hate touching my knees i think it is gross
2. when baking i LOVE to lick the bowl & the utensils when i am done
3. i love dressing up in my leg warmers and leatard while "working out" to just dance 2 :D
4. one of my favorite foods is oysters...sometimes i think i was an otter in another life!
5. i used to have a pet duck...her name was cutie and she followed me around everywhere...oh how i miss her!
6. i often wish i lived in a magical world where mermaids, wizards & gnomes existed
7. i don't love to clean but find it very therapeutic...on bad days you will often find me cleaning!

okay ladies...i pass the torch onto you! here you go:

a piece of lisa
amber blue bird
city birl rides
crafted lovethe
green valley crafts
kristi mcmurry
lavendar biscuit
little monarch
the dew drop inn

i hope you have a great weekend!!!



  1. yay! thanks for the tag. Oh and I am only getting a wii for just dance 2. I played it at my sister in laws house last weekend and cant stop thinking about it. I am seriously amazing at it :)

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  3. thanks for the tag! i definitely love #3 cause it's just so unexpected! i'll have to top that!

  4. I used to have chickens who I miss. There is something wonderful about birds. There will be chickens in my future yard I hope. Love the 7 facts.

  5. I also love to lick the spoon and utensils after baking. quite frankly, I leave extra batter for this very purpose

  6. I think I may have to start dressing up to play Just Dance 2! That sounds fun!! :) And I love that you had a duck for a pet! How precious!

  7. your 7 facts are so cute! the "knees" comment cracked me up. :)

  8. Uhh LOVE IT! This is so nice, congrats

  9. thanks honey :) (I've passed it on) and I love your facts xox


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