Thursday, March 24, 2011

guest post on happy: allison from crafted love

while i am at the happiest place on earth, disneyland and then the disney cruise, i asked some of my blogging buddies to help me out on some posts while i am away....i thought it would be perfect to do a full week of posts on the idea of happy and whatever that means to them! here today is allison from crafted love who has a fantastic blog filled with clever diy's, crafts and inspiration!  so without further ado..i give you allison!

Hello! I'm Allison Kaye from Crafted Love! I'm a twenty-something design student who is living life the only way I know how... crafty. I'm dropping by to guest post while cb is off having fun on her Disney cruise and I hear the theme this week is happy. Well I can't think of anything that makes me more happy than saving money and having a pretty home so I'm going to show you a super easy way to spruce up your home with things you probably already have sitting around your house! Here's what you'll need...

 1. two frames, different sizes   2. two brown paper bags
3. acrylic paint   4. brushes   5. scissors

Cut the brown paper bags apart by cutting out the  bottom and making a straight cut down one side

Use the backing of the frames to trace out the size paper you need. Make sure to not use a piece that has a seem or you'll see it in the end product

Iron the paper on a low setting just to get the big creases out and get it to lay flat

Pick about four different colors and paint different sized rectangles on the two pieces of paper

Let them dry for a few hours

Put them in the frames, place somewhere in your house and admire!

If you love this DIY you can find lots of other craft tutorials on my blog as well as general crafty inspiration. I love making new blog friends so don't be afraid to say hi!

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