Wednesday, March 23, 2011

guest post on happy: amber blue bird

while i am at the happiest place on earth, disneyland and then the disney cruise, i asked some of my blogging buddies to help me out on some posts while i am away....i thought it would be perfect to do a full week of posts on the idea of happy and whatever that means to them! here today is amber from amberbluebird who has an amazing blog, excellent humor and even more amazing style! so without further ado..i give you amber!

Hello fellow CityBirds readers, this is Amber from AmberBlueBird filling in for the totally rad Cristie while she is hanging with Mr. Mickey Mouse (so jealous).  I can only imagine the crazy huge smile that must be on her face right now as she rubs elbows with Disney’s finest.  As I could not be aboard that love fest of a cruise (I am sure my invitation was lost in the mail) I would like to share with you the thing that always manages to turn my frown upside down and that is my fat hobbit of a pup Mr. Oliver. 

Oliver came into my life nearly four years ago as a present from my now husband.    I never really had a pet before him so I didn’t truly understand the magnitude of love that can form between an animal and a human, but I took one look into those big brown eyes of his and melted.  He has had my heart ever since.  Oliver is a mix between a pug and a beagle (a puggle to be exact) and he has the best qualities of each breed.  He has the wrinkles and big eyes of a pug combined with the body and energy of a beagle….so basically he’s perfect.  This roly poly fellow provides me with unconditional love, is always crazy excited to see me whether I have been gone for 5 minutes or 4 hours, is down to snuggle and watch a chick flick anytime, and is always ready and willingly to listen to me ramble plus he never talks back or argues.  If he was a human I would leave my husband for him (joking).  Sure he turns into a barking madman everyday when he sees the postman, sleeps directly in between me and my husband completely stretched out , and has flatulent containing issues but he is my stink ball and I couldn’t love him more. 

Cat Stevens knows what I am talking about, just listen to his song “I Love My Dog”…..thats right click play…oh yeah this is happening. 


  1. I love my dog tooooo, I always sing "I love my dog" in melody to her :)

  2. What a cute mix your dog is! And i like the song you picked :)


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