Tuesday, March 22, 2011

guest post on happy: lavedner biscuit

 while i am at at the happiest place on earth, disneyland and then the disney cruise, i asked some of my blogging buddies to help me out on some posts while i am away....i thought it would be perfect to do a full week of posts on the idea of happy and whatever that means to them! here today is lavender biscuit  who has an awesome blog filled with amazing vintage finds as well as her awesome crafts

Happiness for me

Thanks cb for this great opportunity to guest post for you.

I find happiness in many things, but it’s still the simple things that bring me the most joy…

Just being with Hubby – whatever kind of a day I’m having, just being together makes me happy, he
really is my best friend and there’s nothing better than that.

Long walks in the countryside – I’m a country girl who’s lived in the suburbs for the last 15 years;
but all I have to do is take a walk into the countryside, across fields, amongst the trees, just submurge
myself in nature to be truly happy and at peace.

The beach – some places just feel like home, and for me some beaches are like that, to be next to the
sea, to feel the sand through my toes, blissful.

Fresh, sunny days – for me stepping outside to a beautiful sunny day with the breeze gently blowing
lifts the spirits.

Christmas – possibly the happiest time of the year; perhaps it’s the memories we make as children, or
just the joy of this special religious time, but everything about Christmas time makes me happy.

Snow – the muted sound, the taste and smell of the air, the beauty it creates – snow is bliss.

Crafting – from sewing to jewellery making, whenever I’m crafting I feel calm, happy and centred.

Tranquility – this may be a rather elusive thing, but when I find it, it fills me with joy and peace.

Vintage – for me anything vintage can elicit happiness.

Animals – they bring joy to so many people, animals (in my case, cats, dogs and horses) delight, calm,
and entertain.

What makes you happy?


  1. love the post! I too love a good weather day especially after the gnarly winter we have had


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