Friday, August 26, 2011

citybirds chirp: royal milk tea

happy friday! i am really happy to introduce you all to lyndall of royal milk tea. she has the sweetest blog filled with beautiful pictures, sketches and tutorials. i am soooo happy to have her here! without further ado....

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to be a part of this lovely series!

My name is Lyndall, I'm an artist and daydreamer who sometimes pretends to be a librarian. I like drinking coffee, ballet flats, knitting, wooden jewellery, and re-reading my favourite books. My blog, Royal Milk Tea, is a place where I love to share pretty pictures, things that inspire me, my art and craft projects, and little bits of my life. Basically it's like an online scrapbook of my favourite things!

I really love: vintagey things. I am always wishing for pretty kitchenware, pillow cases, wool, knitted blankets, and the perfect cardigan. Oh, and functional retro cameras! I was recently given some amazing old cameras, including an SLR which once belonged to my Poppa. I can't wait to take lots of pretty photos with it!

I draw: pretty sketches. Sometimes I share little peeks into my sketchbook. I like to draw whimsical things, girls with pretty hair, and nature-inspired motifs like leaves and branches. I'm starting to experiment with watercolours lately which is really fun~

My newest favourite thing is to feature treasures I have found here and there. I sometimes have a feature post on Saturdays called Saturday Sweets where I talk about things that make me happy. There are so many lovely things in the world!

I just love blogging! And I have met so many wonderful friends through the blogging community. There are such wonderful, creative, inspiring people out there!


  1. I really like her photos. Ill have to check her blog out later today. Right now I am off to stock up on water and other hurricane related items. oh joy oh bliss.

  2. Definitely going to stop by. Looks and sounds like a cute blog!

  3. love the photo... :)
    IRene Wibowo

  4. such dreamy, pretty photos! <3

  5. this feature is so fun :) i love these little glimpses into bloggerly-life! <3

    can't wait to read more!

  6. she's so cute! i will definitely check out her blog...i quite love that bunny!

  7. I love the lace rabbit ornament, it is very cute!

    I like Lyndall's drawings, very cool.

    Ngaio May x

  8. I love Lyndall's fantastic! :) -Lo

  9. a fab post, and a girl after my own vintage heart, thanks honey xox


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