Monday, November 12, 2012

a bit of fresh air

  hi lovelies! how was everyones weekend? these days my one day off is short but always sweet. we were uncertain if the weather was going to cooporate with us so we had two plans laid out and we were very excited that we woke up to clear and sunny skies. plus it was warm day out too. we headed out to get ourselves a hardy breakfast and then drove north to mount tamalpais to do a vit of hiking. since tattooing we have been limited on the adventures which i havent gotten used to yet and i miss them. i miss the excerise and invigurating feeling they give me. but it is all worth it and when things settle down it will be as they were...but even better because i will be tattooing!!!!
tom frequently rides his bike up the mountian but has never hiked it and i have never been to mt tam so we thought it was about time to do so. it was perfect. since i only have one day off i try and make it count. i do however need a day where i am just a slug but this saturday was anything but that. 
it felt so good to breath the cool mountian air to feel my muscles work and to get a little sweaty (there was however a bit more heavy breathing then i would have liked). the views were AMAZING! it was so clear out you could see the entire bay. so worth it to climb to the top and just have your breath taken away.
near the top there is a tiny inn and tom and i have wanted to go for our anniversary this year but never got around to actually going. the inn is so cute. they have tine little cabins with no electricity, a shared outhouse and a little porch. i feel in love so we are going to book a night or two because i need a little getaway desperately. and it will be so nice to be away from everything and just enjoy lifes simplicities. i can't wait!!!! 

some exciting  tattoo news, i bought a proper tattoo machine and it should be arriving any day! then i can properly tattoo tom for this birthday coming up in a few weeks :O oh boy, oh boy!,


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  1. that sounds like a pretty great day off. funny that you got to hike in the sun while we played in the snow!


  2. What a fantastic day! Those views are phenomenal! It's gorgeous out there! That cabin place sounds and looks awesome. I often fall in love with secluded places like that.

    Can't wait to see how it goes with the new tattoo machine! Yippee!

  3. its nice to see you two adventuring again. you always need to make time for it whenever you can cause I can tell it brings so much joy to you both just like ice cream eating and movie watching makes me happy. Congrats on getting that new machine! I am still in awe of how much you have grown as a tattoo artist and cant wait to see tom's tat soon!

  4. looks like such a nice adventure, the colour of the sky is amazing in these pictures.
    I really like getting out and away and having some time to breath the fresh air

  5. So glad you had a nice, warm day to enjoy outside! Today was beautiful for us in MA, too - warm and wonderful (I didn't even need a jacket in the evening - heavenly!) - I wish it would stay like this throughout winter instead of getting cold and snowy. I'm definitely one who needs lots of "slug" days at home - that's pretty much what I did for my entire vacation last week, and I loved every moment of it! I know what you mean about being out of breath - if I have to climb to the 4th floor at my work if the elevator's out it's a sad sight, indeed! That looks like a beautiful, relaxing place to spend some days - I hope you both get to go and enjoy!


  6. Such beautiful pics! I know what you mean about outdoor adventures, we haven't done this a lot in the past couple of years as Rich has been studying. But he's taken this summer off so we can get out more:D I'm so exciting to hear about your tattoo machine, you dream is getting closer every day xoxo

  7. what a fun day! i want to find a place to hike like that around here in nj! random question: where'd you get your knee socks? i've been looking for some for forever!

  8. That place is so beautiful- I love northern Cali so much! Reminds me of my home state of Oregon. I used to have only 1 day off a week too and there is so much pressure to make it count! Brian and I would pack it full of every activity since it was our only time together :) At least you know you're working towards your goal- just keep in mind the big picture. You're learning so fast, crazy you're ready to tattoo Tom, that's awesome!!

  9. Yay for tattoo machine!!
    I'm so jelly of your wee trips, makes me want to get out more :)


  10. Ooh how exciting with your first ever proper machine! Can't wait to see your creation on Tom! This looks like a fabulous day as well, you're so healthy!

    xo L

  11. i really wish i enjoyed the out of doors or being active in any way. everything you described sounds like my nightmare, but you and tom look adorable doing everything! i really can't wait for you to be tattoooooing - i have SO MUCH empty space that needs filling!

    love youuuuuu! <3

  12. Your photos look amazing! I wish I was out hiking right now - we have a beautiful sunny day here in Vancouver but I'm stuck working. AW SHIT. Your photos make me think of that John Muir quote - "the mountains are calling and I must go". I love that one.

  13. Wow - this place looks AMAZING - I would love it!!! You must be so excited about doing your first tat! Sarah xxx

  14. Great photos! It's already too cold here for hiking :(

    <3 Melissa

  15. Oh my gosh this looks beautiful!! And now I want breakfast, that looks amazing!


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