Friday, September 21, 2012

on life lately..

happy friday, yay! we made it. today is my day off, yippeee! tom and i will be attending a food festival filled with yummy hand crafted beers and amazing food trucks. more on that later. life lately, has felt like a whirlwind. i feel in control of where life is taking me however there is a slight current that is taking me for a ride and i am enjoying it. it is a strange feeling to not be fully in control but right now i am okay with that and like i have mentioned before i am taking each day as it comes, step by step.

it brings me to this....i want my blog to be a place for me to share and that is exactly what it has been and always will be. i love sharing bits of my life, my creative side, my adventures and just recently my journey to becoming a tattoo artist. i love it; all the wonderful positive feedback and all the wonderful connections i am making, it makes my insides happy. this is a great place. however since i have had a crazy yet wonderful schedule, sometimes posting has felt a bit more like an obligation and i don't like that feeling nor do i want it to be felt through my posts. i like being excited about things and having that shine through my pictures and words. so for now i am letting that feeling disappear, i will post when i want and not feel like i must post on monday or have a set schedule. things may change around here, they may not but it feels good to have it be spoken out loud. i know lots of people feel this way and now it is my time. i am not going anywhere and have no plans to, i love this place too much to leave it and i will be for sure, stalking, i mean, reading all my favorite blogs. i just opened an instagram and you can follow me there!

have a great weekend everyone and live life to its fullest! till monday :)



  1. Glad to hear you aren't going anywhere... Would miss ya! Hope you have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the festival!

  2. I love script, you're doing a great job at it! That food festival sounds amazing I would love to try out some local food trucks (though some park in front of school but I don't have time to stop by) and some of the local breweries. Have fun!!

    xo Amber P.

  3. Food festival? That sounds like something I'd want to visit!!! :)

  4. I think it's a good thing to have no major blog schedule. I have blogs that update regularly with themes, and blogs that update sporadically when they feel the need, and I have to say, a lot of the time, I get more psyched when I see something pop up in my feed from the latter - it's more of a fun surprise, and often, the posts are of a really fantastic quality.

    Quality over quantity, and live to blog/not blog to live, etc etc ;)

    Morgue x

  5. I know 100% where you are coming from. We all get busy and wrapped into life, blogging defiantly should come last to all that good stuff. I can't wait to see what you do get a chance to post though. Enjoy!!! <3

  6. a food festival sounds amazing, have fun!
    i totally know what you mean about posting & not wanting to feel obligated to do it. i've been wrestling with the same feelings myself. on one hand, i don't want to give up my blog completely, but on the other life is so hectic & not going quite according to plan & so my posts have been sporadic at best.
    this is such an exciting time for you, enjoy it!


  7. Ohh man Food Trucks!! ahh! :) Yeah...have FUN!! Eat something for me! ;)

    No's always so great to see what you are up to and follow along with your current adventure! Post when you feel it. We'll be here! :)

    Hooray for all of the exciting things you have happening! :)

    Happy Friday!
    xo Jenny

  8. I wish I was going to a food festival! I can't wait to see your photos and dream of eating delicious food truck treats!

    I think that making your own rules is great! I love seeing what you are up to regardless if it's once a week or everyday. You have to be happy, then your happiness will radiate and infect others!

    I am excited for you and all these new happenings you have going on!

    I was just thinking of opening an instagram account, and I think I will now so we can share photos!

    Have a great day off!

  9. Welcome to Instagram- aren't you loving it?? I've definitely had to take a step back and blog less regularly with a busy life schedule but I know what you mean, I love having this part of my life and don't want to leave it! Balance, I guess :) Sounds like you have a super fun weekend ahead, enjoy!!

  10. Yes Yes YES! Never let the blog rule you! Look forward to seeing you here when you can make it. Have a great weekend!

  11. my friend has a saying, "go with the flow or go home." do as you wish. we'll be here to check in and see what's going on. when i came back from my trip to haiti, i was so stimulated and wanted to ride that wave so i didn't post both while away and for a bit when i got back. i recently just got back in the groove. don't feel obligated, please! your making a great decision. have a wonderful weekend lady.

  12. Oh how I've missed you and all your wonderfulness although I am a bit bummed about the limited posting. I need to know what you are doing at every hour in the day. Not like stalkerish but like snoopy friendly neighbor ;) (jk dawg) I've definitely felt like that from time to time and I find its best to just take some time off. But not too much time off. I can only take so much.

  13. i'm following you on twitter now so i don't miss a post! i can't wait to see everything you do next— so glad you are following your dreams!

  14. I get that honey, I haven't been posting as often as I used to, there just doesn't seem to be the time so much now we have Dusty, and that's the way it should be, but I still love to share my stories with you. But as you say, you're on that amazing roller coaster right now and it's awesome that life is unfolding before you, enjoy it. xox

  15. I go back and forth all the time about blogging, should I just quit or do I do it all the way? It is a LOT of work to keep it up. Right now I'm trying it all the way. I've come up with a system where I take pictures throughout the week and then edit pictures and write them up so I'm ready for the week. We'll see how long it lasts ;)
    I'll be here to read! Thanks for being a regular visitor on my blog, nice to have you around :)

  16. HOORAAAAAAYYYY YOU ARE ON INSTAGRAM! I totally just started following you on insta which is my favorite pic place in the world and I am so happy you joined!!! :D :D :D :D :D xoxoxoxo!

  17. way to go! we all can't be all things and blogging can sometimes become pressurized. good for you on knowing when to ride the rails and when to coast it out a bit on smoother turf. i adore your space and even though i might not get here daily, when i do come by it's like catching up with a friend you don't necessarily talk to all the time.

    you are HUGELY creative, anyone who follows along can see and sense that so you gotta go with your own flow. let it be is what. total support from an avid fan. xo ♥


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